The Black Belt Forms

These Forms comprise the forms at the black belt level for Shaolin Kempo

They are relatively new forms, as the curriculum only included up to Honsuki in the earliest versions, and Sho Ton Kwok didn’t appear until about 1974-75. The vast majority of these forms entered the curriculum around 1981. None can be found in traditional Chinese martial arts, and most are presumed creations of Fred Villari or one of his senior students at the time. Nick Cerio did a version of Honsuki, and Fred Villari learned it from Frank Cerio. The version done in Shaolin Kempo is reminiscent but not extremely close to the form Honsuki in the Goshinjutsu Chinese Kempo of Bill Chun Jr. There is also the Two Man Kempo Fist Set, which was appropriated essentially verbatim from Ed Parker’s Chinese Kenpo, and can be found in his book Secrets of Chinese Karate.