Congratulations to Sensei Paul Costagno

Congratulations to Sensei Paul Costagno who just gave his TedX talk in Natick. Keep up the good work! Read more about it here.

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Sorry about Navigation

WordPress has just updated and so has Jetpack (one of the plugins that helps with navigation) so I need to do some tinkering to get the menus back. I have to deactivate the Jetpack plugin or the site goes blank. I believe ‘search’ still works, so hopefully that will do until I get the kinks worked out.


Thanks for your patience.

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I’m sure this person will send us the right ones, right?

I got a comment, which I did approve on the chat room page. It was the equivalent of an unsigned note, as the name was “a concerned kempo student” and the email address given was fake (they were concerned about me having such information). It reads as follows, “Your combo’s after 55 are terribly off.  In fact, the 60s are nothing like how they are taught.  You may want to go back to someone who is teaching this material today.”

I mean, it is true, I don’t teach many of these combinations today. I do, however know many folks who do, and as luck would have it, I credited my sources. Now I don’t guarantee that any particular combination is listed ‘the right way’, but given the large cross section of the kempo community that has contributed, the vast number of 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th dan teachers who have chipped in, and the triangulation involved in combining all of these resources I am confident that we (yes we, not me) have put together the most comprehensive listing of  (Shaolin) kempo techniques anywhere. However, I would welcome submissions correcting the mistakes and would gladly include ‘a concerned kempo student’ as a contributor. I’d get in touch to invite you, but sadly I don’t have your email. So if you’ve got them, and want to contribute, bring it on. If you have them but want to keep them secret to lord your superior knowledge over the rest of the kempo community, well, you are part of the reason I started this project in the first place.

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