Stop Hurting America.

This fellow seems like he might be good, but I hate this technique. It’s taking a pretty good entry and inserting inefficient strikes. It makes me want to pull a Jon Stewart / Crossfire moment. Imagine that entry with a simple cross or overhand right. End of story. It makes kempo seem silly in a way.

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Drawing to a close – The Muscle Walk

275307_100000869009117_1847319160_nMy team is doing well, but I’ve been kind of stuck at $269.00 of my $500 goal. The walk is in less than two weeks. Please help if you can, I’m raising money for the Muscular Dystrophy Association with an eye toward research. I hope that sometime soon there is a cure for my daughter, and every little bit helps.

Here’s my fundraising page.

If that doesn’t work, paste this in:

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Kids – Nice way to spend a Saturday

Here’s some admittedly random clips from this Saturday with a small class I do for kids interested in Hybrid training. Think about what you can do with your kids classes. These guys don’t seem to mind working hard. The oldest one is in Middle School, the rest are in elementary school (below 5th grade).

Here’s some random clips from Saturday’s class:

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