Today’s Pet Peeve: Pushups

I’m a technique guy, and I try to be a fitness guy. I spent a lot of time doing pushups incorrectly, and I frequently find myself looking at folks on tests and in classes doing either: a.) terrible pushups due to not going through anything close to a proper range of motion (aka ‘elbow twitches’) or b.) giving maximum effort to doing pushups with a form that will likely injure them. I am convinced that a recurring shoulder injury I have is directly related to me doing thousands of enthusiastic repetitions of poor form pushups. I’ve tried to clean up my act, and I think this video (not by me) does a good job of explaining proper form for the basic pushup. You probably can’t do as many of them as you think you can.


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Shameless plug. Go like this.

The muscle walk was a great success. We raised over $7000 for the Muscular Dystrophy Association. On the trailing side, the t-shirt company we used holds a weekly contest, and it awards $100 off the next year’s order to the weekly winner. Go vote for my team to help offset the cost of next year’s shirts. It’s free, but it supports indirectly (by supporting me). Go on, you know you want to…



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I’m not dead.

275307_100000869009117_1847319160_nI’m not dead. I know it’s been a year or so since I’ve updated the front page, but I have actually been up to some good. Unlike many internet ‘professionals’, I do have a day job, so there’s that. I have been training, teaching, traveling, teaching, embracing a new position at work, and so on. I have recently gotten a deluge of comments and I will try to address them – including the Japanese forms like Bassai / Passai that some branches do and beefing up the weapons section. These are on my radar. However, there is one thing that is always on my radar. This week, once again I will be doing the muscle walk for the MDA. I walk for my daughter.

If you have been enjoying the archive (which is more important than my cheesy blog posts), please consider supporting me in raising money for Muscular Dystrophy research. Every little bit helps.

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