Northern Tigers

This form was initially submitted as ‘the Bug Form’, but is the form that appears as ‘Northern Tigers’ on the videos produced by Matt Thomas.

I had never heard of this form, but Steve Venturino learned this form from Jack Racine (who learned it from Harvey Thaler). John Fritz apparently taught it in private lessons as well. Thanks to Steve for submitting the video. The writeup can be found at Kempoman.comI put it under ‘other forms’ even though Steve learned it as a black belt form because it’s not standard to the curriculum in most schools. – Matt


Northern Tigers (Sun Pai Tow)

Front Position
Draw back into R CAT
Simultaneous R outward wind mill
L outward wind mill
Draw in opposing Mantis hands R high Mantis hand
L low Mantis hand
Opposing spear hand pokes R hand high
L hand low
R reverse crescent
L crescent
Spin 180
R side horse stance
R reverse bow
L hand pulls bow
R hand downward knife hand block
R back fist
R hand grabs pull in
R crane wing
Spin counter clockwise on R
L side horse stance
L outward back fist
L hand wrap
R crescent kick
R side horse
R front twist
L downward pressing Palm
R downward chicken wrist
L forward bow 7 o’clock
L upward Mantis hand
R Crane beak
R steps up pine Tree
L steps out Half moon
L crane wing wrap
R willow Palm
R outward Chicken wrist
Simultaneous R Cat to 1 o’clock
L willow Palm to 1 o’clock
Draw in Mantis hands L in front of R
R foot steps out to 1 o’clock
Mantis hands hook R and L
L transitional step into R half moon facing 3 o’clock
Iron fortress block
L inward palm
R outward block
R inward block
L outward back hand
R half moon
R outward raking tiger claw
L inward knife hand
L foot step forward
R spinning back kick
R half moon stance
L front ball kick
L half moon stance
L downward Tiger Rake
R downward Tiger Rake
L downward Tiger Rake
R foot steps up behind into
L front twist stance
Spin 180 L half moon
Iron fortress block
R inward palm
L outward block
L inward block
R outward back hand
L half moon
L outward raking tiger claw
R inward knife hand
R foot step forward
L spinning back kick
L half moon stance
R front ball kick
R half moon stance
R downward Tiger Rake
L downward Tiger Rake
R downward Tiger Rake
L half moon forward
L foot steps up to Pine Tree
Simultaneous R outward wind mill
L outward wind mill

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