Other Forms

This section is for forms that appear in some (or even most) Shaolin Kempo schools, but don’t fit into the other categories. As video and writeups become available, pages will be added.

Statue of the Crane: This one appears in the standard Shaolin Kempo curriculum. It was added by GM S. George Pesare, and appears to be a reworked version of the Okinawan Karate Kata Rohai.

Two Man Kempo Fist Set: This was appropriated essentially verbatim from Ed Parker’s Chinese Kenpo, and can be found in his book Secrets of Chinese Karate.

Circle of the Tiger: Created by Nick Cerio, this form is based on movements found in the 1-3 kata forms. Many schools have added this to their curriculum.

Heian Nidan / Pinan Nidan (and in some cases, Pinan Shodan): This form in either its Okinawan form (as first or second form in the series) or Japanese (Shotokan) version has been ‘re-added’ to the curriculum in many cases. It comes from the same series as the forms 3,4, and 5 pinan originally, but was replaced by Nick Cerio’s 2 pinan. Strangely enough, it was part of the inspiration for 4 kata as well. It was originally the first pinan, but many schools switched it to the second spot in the series.

Kicking Forms: Many schools have a kicking form, such as Pinan Geri or ‘One Pinan with Kicks’. Here is an example of one.

Weapon Forms:

Shushi No Kon Sho: The basic Okinawan bo form, which appears in Nick Cerio’s Kenpo, Villari’s, Masters Centers and many other places. It’s the form in the book Bo: Weapon of Self Defense by Fumio Demura.