Combinations 101-108


101 – (from 2003 Fred Villari seminar) Left Dropping Palm block while stepping in with right leg to deliver right Hook Punch flowing into Right Roundhouse Elbow to face/jaw area .Left Spinning Elbow (spin on right foot and stay tight to opponent) to neck or jaw immediately followed by right Ridgehand to left jaw/neck area. Left Uppercut to jaw,Right inverted Leopard Paw to left neck/jaw area. Left Shuto to neck/jaw area while delivering a low left Inner Crescent to the inside of their left knee for sweep takedown. Shuffle in for right Leopard Paw strike to opponent once they are on the ground. (Courtesy of Andy Henson)

102 – (from 2003 Fred Villari seminar) #2 Block and grab/pull while stepping in with right leg and delivering a right Vertical Forearm strike to their right bicep/armpit area. Left Spinning Elbow to jaw/neck area (spin on right leg and stay tight to opponent) followed by Right Palm then Left Palm strikes to jaw.Left Hook to jaw, Right Knee strike to their right inner thigh area. Left Spinning Side Kick to the inside area of their left knee for knee break/takedown. (Courtesy of Andy Henson)

103 – (from 2003 Fred Villari seminar) Left leg steps out 45 degrees with left Dropping Palm Block and Right Ridgehand to left side of neck/jaw area. Left Forearm strike to right side of their neck. Roll left hand over the back of their neck to push their head down (Pressing Hand) and deliver a right Shuto to the base of their skull. Left Knee strike to the right side of their head. Left Pressing Hand controls their head as you spin on your left foot into right Elbow strike to right side of their head followed by right Pressing Hand to the back of their head for head control. Right Knee strike to face followed by left Knee strike to face or body. Right Spinning Back Kick to groin or stomach area. (Courtesy of Andy Henson)

108. Fade R and execute a L #6 knife hand block followed immediately by a R thrust punch to the inside of the biceps on the opponent’s R arm. Step your L foot forward into a L half moon stance outside the opponent’s stance and execute a R knife hand to the near collar bone followed by a L knife hand to the near carotid artery, followed by a R knife hand to the near cheek bone, followed by a L rising palm to the R corner of the opponent’s jaw, followed by a R rising palm to the L corner of the opponent’s jaw. (The knife hand strikes are performed in a continuous hand over hand downwards circle to the opponent’s striking side, [the near side closest to you] and all five strikes are done in rapid succession without stopping the motion of your hands.) Grab the back of the opponent’s head and pull them down into a R knee to the center of the sternum. Shift your hands so that your fingers point down to the ground and grab the opponent around the face with tiger claws (Similar to holding a bowling ball in preparation to throw it granny style). Step you R foot across in front of your L into a twist stance and immediately unwind, spinning yourself counter clockwise and forcing the opponent to spin clockwise. End the spin so that you are back to back with the opponent with them leaning backwards and their head held in your hands over your R shoulder. Rip your hands downwards raking your tiger claws over the opponent’s face and hyper extending their neck over your shoulder. Step your R foot forward into a R half moon stance, look over your L shoulder and execute a L back kick to the T4-T5 region of the opponent’s spine. (From Rob Johnson of Bolton Martial Arts Club)