Combinations 91-100

Two similar variations of #93

93 – Left inward knifehand (or palm) block with fingers obstructing the opponent’s eyes while performing a left crescent kick to the opponent’s lead knee. Left knifehand to throat, right tiger claw to face. Optional finish with right roundhouse kick.

93 – Inward knife hand block with left while checking person’s right leg with a left Chinese heel kick to their knee. (both moves drawing person in and down) Finish with left Knife hand to neck and right thrust punch to ribs simultaneously. (Courtesy of Jesse Dwire IV)

94 – Step left to 9 o’clock, dragon block to right side. Right roundhouse kick to opponent’s midsection. As they bend over, pivot body and execute a left reverse crescent to opponent’s chest or face as they are buckled. Quickly draw left leg back to crane and land with left foot behind attacker. As attacker is shot back up from reverse crescent and after the left foot lands behind, left ridge hand to back of neck and right thrust punch to ribs. Rotate clockwise with right foot while controlling opponent’s hand with ridge hand. Drive opponent into the ground face first. (Courtesy of Jesse Dwire IV)

95 – Step in with left foot. #4 block but block more down. Forearm strike to the jaw left. Pivot in backwards with a right elbow to the kidney. Pivot forward and land in half moon. Left knee to the tail bone. ( The knee can be done without landing in half moon. Just harder to get power).(Courtesy of Thomas Livingston)

95 – Lean back on left foot (weight on right foot, left foot pointed upward) & simultaneous downward Crane Wing Blocks. Step down with left foot as hands continue in circle forming double Ridge Hands to the neck. Both hands grab the head pulling downward. Right Rising Knee Kick to the head. Right Front Blade Kick to the left knee. Step down & Left Back Hand to the heart. Right Blood Palm to the heart. (Courtesy of Laurie Whitlark)

We have two versions of combination 96, the first from a seminar with Fred Villari. However, a senior practitioner I know recognized the first version of 96 listed here as the 95 from Fred Villari. His description is directly above.

96 – Monkey block with left. Lunge in double ridge hands to the temple. Grab back of head and do a right knee to the solar plexus. The next three moves have to be done one after another. Without putting the right knee down role your left hand around to the other side of the head and do a back hand strike to the face followed by a palm heel to the face with right and at the same time right blade kick to the inside of your opponents left leg. (courtesty of Thomas Livingston)

96 – As opponent attacks, right foot steps in at 45 degree towards 2:30 o’clock, execute in a circular motion left upward circular palm strike to solar plexus then to chin, right upward circular palm strike to solar plexus then to chin left upward circular palm strike to solar plexus then to chin, right upward circular palm strike to solar plexus then to chin with left hand checking opponent’s arm. (Courtesy of Ken Warner)

97 – Block the punch with a L palm block across your body and simultaneously strike to the opponent’s forward knee with a L high outside reap, buckling them forward. Land the L foot to the outside of the opponent’s stance in a L half moon stance as you land drive a L immortal man strike into the opponent’s throat. This technique is found in the form Sho Ton Kwok. The technique is at time mark 1:23 in the video of the form. (courtesy of Matt, one of Dominick Violante’s students)

100 – (taught by Master Ken Longacre) Left leg steps out 45 degrees with right Dragon Trap. Left downward Shuto or Dropping Palm pushing their right arm down and bringing their head down for left Crane Wrist (Chicken Wrist) to face or temple, left downward Tiger Rake to face. Left hand controls their right arm, right Spinning Shuto to the back of their neck (spin on left foot and stay tight to opponent). Right leg Iron Broom (low inner crescent sweep) to right ankle/lower leg area for takedown. (Courtesy of Andy Henson)