Combinations 81-90

81 – Punch comes in and you step out with your left foot and deliver a pushing palm 4 block as you deliver a right palm strike to the attackers jaw area. ( Block and strike same time) You then hook your right hand around the attackers head and pull them into a (right) rising knee in to the (chest or face) then settle them down and control their arm. As they push up shift your body around and control their wrist and move the wrist counter clockwise and take them down. Once down, right baby crescent kick to the attackers face as you spin around (counter clockwise) still holding their arm. Once the arm is locked you break the attackers arm (elbow area). Keep control of the wrist. To stop them from moving, keep one foot tight to the body and the other to the shoulder.

82 – Take step forward to 3:00 with the right leg and pivot ccw to face 11:00 with your centre and a simultaneous left back hand parry ( plum tree system) and right hand on guard at the head. Left leg steps towards 11:00 into a fighting stance with a left inverted hammer to the plexus. Right elbow into the opponent’s right shoulder crease ( brachial artery) or driving forearm to the opponent’s right arm. Kick opponent’s right ankle to 11:00 and step through with right leg to 9:00. Ccw taisabaki striking through the attacker’s right leg at the inner thigh above the knee = take down ( or at least serious compromise of the attacker’s structural integrity). Cross and cover or finish with an additional strike. (Courtesy of Marlon Wilson, with video. )

83 – Without moving your feet, execute a downwards closed hand cross block, R hand on top. Execute a R chicken wrist to the bridge of the opponent’s nose followed by a L palm heel strike to the angle of the opponent’s jaw. Next execute a R thrust punch to the solar plexus and as you do, bring your L hand to you opposite shoulder, then strike the R side of the neck (opponent’s left) with a L cross knife hand. Step your R foot forward into a R half moon stance outside the opponent’s stance and then strike to the L side of the neck (opponent’s right) with a R inverted ridge hand, crossing your R arm beneath your L (your arms are now crossed going to opposite sides of the opponent’s head, R hand on the bottom). With both hands thumb down, grip the sides of the head. Unwind your hands, moving your L foot counterclockwise and pivoting on your R foot, causing the beginning of a twisting head throw. As the opponent comes around and begins to fall however, jerk your hands straight up, breaking the opponent’s neck. (Thanks to Matt DeLuzio, student of Master Dominick Violante)

85 – Turn body to 3 o’clock, knife hand block left (#4 block). Left foot goes into a crane. After you block turn back to 12 o’clock. Put left foot down and towards attackers lead leg, right knife hand strike to collar bone. Right hand grabs collar while you drive your right elbow up and into the attackers jaw while doing a right stomp kick to the person’s right knee. Crush knee cap into ground while driving person backwards to ground. Back fist to face with right, left knife hand to philtrum, right tigers mouth to throat.(Courtesy of Jesse Dwire IV)

87 — #2 outward knife hand block while stepping in to attacker with right foot, right tiger rake to face, right back fist to face. Right side elbow to sternum, right reverse hammer to groin, right rising elbow to jaw. Right hand then shoots around to attackers right side of head. Wrap your arm around head bringing the attacker down and then back up, so their body has been turned and you now have them by the neck on your right shoulder (their face should be looking at the ceiling). Drop to your right knee bringing them down with you, with simultaneous tiger rakes as you bring them down (across eyes and face). Let them fall and follow up with right punch to face. (side note: as this was taught we were told that it was going to snap the neck so not sure why the punch.)(Courtesy of Jesse Dwire IV)

88 – Knifehand block left, left knifehand to side of neck. Step across with left foot to twist stance while doing a cross knife hand (right) to throat. Step out right (uncross) while doing left cross knife hand to side of neck. Downward knifehand (right) to back of neck, grab, right knee to face which turns into right heel kick to far knee.

89 – Left 1/2 moon stance, left iron fortress block. Left punch to face, right shuto strike to side of neck. Grab head with right hand at back of head.

Guide opponents right arm up with left tiger’s mouth while bringing right knee into his face.

89 – As opponent attacks, assume left cat stance and execute a modified left iron fortress block. Left foot steps in and outside of opponent’s foot, execute left palm strike to jaw. Right hand cross hand shuto to neck as left grabs opponent’s wrist. Finish with right roundhouse knee to inner thigh. (Courtesy of Ken Warner)

90 – Lean right with a left (#2) knife-hand block; step in right,wrap the head with your left hand, right roundhouse elbow to the face. Right back fist to the face, right floating knee to the right hamstring, right back crane wing to the neck (down). (Courtesy of Ken Warner)