Combinations 51-60

51 – (Against a right front punch) Right cat, left inward palm block, right back fist face. Right reverse crescent to ribs, left instep roundhouse to back of persons Knee, left cross body shuto to occipital ridge, right thrust punch to kidneys (simultaneously, person should be on their knee for final two strikes.) (Courtesy of Jesse Dwire IV)

52 – (Against a right front punch) Slight step back with right trap block (up and down motion), left palm up to elbow, right palm down to wrist. Left snake kick to armpit, left hand controls punch arm on chest while right tiger mouth to throat. Right hand comes back to control punch while left hand cross body tiger rakes face coming up under arm after strike. Control wrist both hands, lock. Step under arm with the left foot and bring arm over head. Step clockwise backwards with the right foot continuing the arm motion over head with the wrist and shoulder lock. Bring the attacker to the ground. Left knife hand to the philtrum, right tiger mouth to the throat. (Courtesy of Jesse Dwire IV) Video by Ten Tigers Martial Arts

53 – (Against a right front punch) Small step to 3 o’clock with right, left crane stance to 11 o’clock. Left downward cranes wing block simultaneously bringing right hand into the air to your right side (opening the cranes wings). Step to 11 o’clock with the left foot with simultaneous left ridge hand to ribs, right knife hand to neck. Hook the back of the neck with your right hand, bring the head down, right knee to chest/diaphragm. Step back with the right foot after the knee, holding onto the neck with you right hand and lifting the arms up with the left. (note from Jesse Dwire: I do not like this ending so if you have a better one please submit) (person is now on back) Simultaneous right dragon Hoof to persons left carotid artery, left dragon Hoof to person left femoral artety. (Note: Dragon Hoof = cupped hands as if getting water from a stream, hitting with the finger tips) (Courtesy of Jesse Dwire IV)

We have two variations of #54

54 – (Against a right front punch) Left foot forward, left knife block, right thrust punch stomach. Right Phoenix strike to the brachial artery. Bring right foot to left, bring arm over head, step back left bringing attacker to floor with arm bar wrist lock. During the transition slide hands to opposite position so you end up with right hand holding wrist lock left hand on elbow. Once the opponent is on the floor, step over his body – left foot then right – foot tearing shoulder out as you step over. (Courtesy of Jesse Dwire IV)

54 – Step in with the right leg and a right parry block then a left palm to the ribs followed by a right inverted palm to the head. Left willow palm to the head as you step to 2:00 with the left leg. Bend at the waist as you turn your torso cw and deliver a right palm to the groin. place both hands on the ground and then double back kicks to the body or knees (you are supporting your wieght on your hands). (Courtesy of Marlon Wilson)

55 – (Against a right front punch) left cat, downward open hand “X” block, move punch hand out with left stepping in left. right backfist face, left palm face, right back punch stomach. Step in right, right reinforced thumb to tricep, step right foot to left foot, shoulder throw. Step back right arm break, left hand elbow, right hand holding arm/wrist. (Courtesy of Jesse Dwire IV)

56 – (Against a right front punch) Start with left leg forward in a cat stance. Trap strike with two monkey hand blocks or a downward scissor block and grab. Left crescent kick to attacker’s right knee, left reverse crescent kick to groin. Right crescent kick to face then land forward in a right half-moon stance. Right back hand to face followed by a left palm heel to face. Left foot steps forward and to the right to set up for a right jump spinning back kick. (courtesy of fnorfurfoot) Video available on YouTube

57 – Left leg steps to 10:30 with a left inward parry block and a right ridge hand to the plexus. Then a right ridge hand strike to the left base of the skull ( the boney area to the left of the occiptal lobe). Follow through moving the head back towards 10:30 the right leg steps behind the attacker bend at the knees as though you were going to flip them over your hip. Instead hook the right leg with your left arm and drop the left knee to the ground for a back break. (Courtesy of Marlon Wilson)

58 – (Against a right front punch) Start with left leg forward in a cat stance. Trap strike and pull to the right with a left knife hand on top of the wrist and a right open hand under the wrist. Step forward with left foot into a left half-moon stance with a left cross knife hand to throat.

Left hand reaches behind attacker’s head and pulls jaw back, right knife hand strike to throat or collar bone. Right hand grabs back of head and with left hand twist counter clock wise to break neck. (courtesy of fnorfurfoot)

59 – Start with left foot in a cat stance. Left overhead block + Left front/reverse crescent kick to face (kind of an angled front kick). Left foot lands forward and to the left into a left half-moon stance. Left eagle talon to eyes + Right eagle talon to throat. Both hands rip to the left then circle back to the right with a left palm heel to the ribs + Right palm heel to the face + Left knee buckles attacker’s right knee. Left foot steps in front of the attacker to the left + Right spinning reverse crescent to the face. (courtesy of fnorfurfoot)

Variation: (Courtesy of Marlon Wilson) This one seems very different from the first #59 I received, but was confirmed by Professor Ingargiola.

59 – Left open hand outward block with a right front ball to the attacker’s left knee or shin land forwards with a sun fist strike (rising fist as in 5 pinan), right backfist to groin, then right bear paw to the head and pull in as in #10 turn ccw into a left half moon facing 6:00 right palm heel to the head (downwards orientation) thereby dropping the attacker to the ground.

60 – Right punch comes in and you deliver a # 6 block. As you make contact roll your elbow to the center and shuffle in to the attacker’s body as you deliver a ( same time ) right ridge hand strike to the attacker throat and a left palm heel strike to the attackers jaw. Next, controlling the attackers head and jaw, you then shift their weight and deliver a right rising knee to the attacker’s chest or head. You then deliver a right leg sweep taking the attacker down. Once down you settle your right knee into the attackers floating rib and deliver a left hammer strike to the attackers (other side) ribs followed by a right hammer to the attackers throat and then a left hammer to the attackers face. Shift and stand, cross and cover. (courtesy of kosho)

Variation: Right ridge and an elbow rather than a palm heel, and the first of the three hammers is to the plexus. (Courtesy of Marlon Wilson) Video Courtesy of Marlon Wilson.