Combinations 41-50

41– Step back with the left foot into a right cat stance, palm over palm trap to left side. (small step with pivot to 2 o’clock) Step back right foot, left cat, with a rotating trap to a wrist lock on your right side. Left instep kick to face (person should be buckled over from wrist lock). Control arm with left hand as you rotate ccw with the right foot, right knife hand strike above the opponent’s elbow as you are still controlling it behind your back with your left hand. Now facing opponent left thrust punch ribs, right thrust punch temple, simultaneous upward elbows to ribs and temple. [note from Master Dwire: Originally I was given the next move as simultaneous upward elbows to ribs and temple, I currently do simultaneous downward elbows to spine and neck.](Courtesy of Jesse Dwire IV) Video by Ten Tigers Martial Arts

42 – Left foot steps toward 11:00 with left palm to elbow and right palm to chin. Pivot feet toward 3:00 as right hand performs back hand trap and left palm strikes jaw. Left foot steps toward 6:00 into pinetree stance (almost a front position) as left arm wraps opponents wrist. Right foot steps back toward 1:30 snapping opponents elbow followed by right shuto to the neck. Bring opponents torso down as left foot moves to a right half moon facing 3:00. Left glancing palm to ribs then left downward palm to spine. Left rising knee to solar plexus. Pivot right foot toward 6:00 and deliver rising heel/hook kick to groin. Crossout and cover. Video by Ten Tigers Martial Arts, additional video courtesy of Marlon Wilson.

43 – Defense against a straight right step through punch: Left foot steps toward 11:00. Left whipping palm to nerve box. Step left foot toward 3:00 with left palm to jaw. Small step with left foot toward 3:00 with left roundhouse elbow. Sunstep right foot cw toward opponent then right elbow to solar plexus. Right foot steps cw into right half moon stance facing 12:00 with left palm to chin. Linear left half moon behind opponent right rear elbow to spine(you will need to extend your last step to line up with the spine). Step right foot cw into right half moon with left side glancing palm to back of head. Left hand grabs opponents face and pull them back around a 45 degree angle. Right large circular ridge hand to neck or throat as feet pivot ccw.

[Tip: The first rear elbow and the palm to chin that follows are quick shots to keep the opponent busy as manuever to the heavy spine shot]. One version appears on this video courtesy of Shihan Jesse Dwire.

44 – Left foot evades to 10:30 with left inward forearm block and a right front two knuckle punch to ribs, left arm hammers opponent’s arm down with a right rolling thrust punch to face, right hand checks arm with left rolling palm strike to face, left arm pushes head back as left leg sweeps out opponent’s leg so opponent lands on back, continue spin to face opponent, jump into the air and land with a right downward elbow smash to opponent’s face, right backfist while crossing and covering to the left. Video by Jim Brassard, Alternate video courtesy of Justin Terrien.

Combinations 45-50 are all typically done off a left step through front punch, but many folks learned them off of a right, so we have many variations.

We have two versions of #45

45 – Step right to 3 o’clock, downward left knife block. Step to side of opponent’s body with left foot. Spin CW right foot going behind left, right knife hand to neck, left thrust to floating ribs (facing opponent’s side here), spin again CW, right back elbow to spine, left palm to back of head (occipital ridge). You should be in a right half moon behind the opponent, after a left palm grab to the shoulder, pull back and left sweep to persons right leg. When the opponent falls, turn CW dropping the left knee on the opponent’s right clavicle, left palm to heart and if you can reach right back punch to Femoral Artery (groin if you cant reach).(Courtesy of Jesse Dwire IV) This version appears on this video courtesy of Shihan Jesse Dwire.

45 – Left parry to the outside of the arm right, downwards circluar block to the outside of the attacking arm (maybe rake the eyes on the way ) and a right roundhouse to the groin or shin roundhouse to the right inner thigh. Place the right leg behind uke’s right ankle with a right elbow to the head. Turn ccw into a side horse with a left elbow to the ribs. Pivot into a forward / fighting stance facing 12:00 with a right palm to the head as you step through with the right leg and then step back with the left leg into a side horse facing 9:00 (still ccw turn) while delivering a left elbow to the spine. the left arm comes up to give a ridge hand strike to the throat and the drop your right knee to the ground pulling the attacker down. finishing with a left palm between the legs and a right palm to the bladder.(Courtesy of Marlon Wilson)

46 – Step back right, inward circular hands block starting with right. (Right inward palm block, left outward circular knife hand block). Control with Left (dragon grab) right palm to elbow hyper extending, bounce off right palm to face (as you step out of cat). Right rising blade kick/or reverse crescent to Bladder. Step down forward, left tiger mouth to throat while left leg hooks around behind opponents right leg. Hook and pull the opponents leg towards you as you thrust opponent backwards with the tiger mouth to throat. When person lands step on persons right hand with your left foot, left finger whip to eye, right tiger mouth to throat.(Courtesy of Jesse Dwire IV) Video courtesy  of Ten Tigers.

We have two versions of #47

47 – Same foot work as #46, left downward cutting knife block, control grab to left side (attack arm is between your forearm and bicep being controlled with an inward monkey paw. Right palm to elbow, slide up the arm and right palm to face. Step forward with the right foot to 10 o’clock, right hand slides behind person to grab back of belt, right hip throw. Step towards persons head with left foot. Simultaneous left knife hand to philtrum, right tigers mouth to throat.(Courtesy of Jesse Dwire IV)

47 – (Against a left front punch) Start with left leg forward in a half-moon stance. Left parry block that circles clockwise to trap the strike in the crook of the elbow, right palm heel strike to attacker’s elbow, right palm heel strike to face. Right foot steps in front of attacker, throw attacker over right hip. Kneel down with a left palm heel to bridge of nose, right tiger’s mouth to throat. (courtesy of fnorfurfoot) Video courtesy of Marlon Wilson (although done as a right handed version).

We have two versions of #48

48 – Step back right, left cat, left inward to outward circular monkey paw block (similar to the ones done in plum tree blocking looks like a chicken wrist/cranes beak) catching punch at wrist and turning attacker towards their right. Step forward right foot with a Simo. Left palm to rib(fingers facing right) and right palm to face(fingers facing left). Hold head right, left elbow to face. Step back right foot driving opponent down to the ground. left back fist to persons femoral nerve/artery right leopards paw to throat, left thrust punch to persons diaphragm (the timing of these strikes should be a 1,2,3, in quick succession)(Courtesy of Jesse Dwire IV)

48 – (Against a left front punch) Start with left leg forward in a half-moon stance. Left parry block, push-drag forward with a left palm heel to ribs + right palm heel to face. Right hand circles behind attacker’s head with a left roundhouse elbow to face (sandwich strike). Keeping head pinned between strikes, slide your right foot to the left as you throw attacker backwards by controling his head (by the end of the throw you should have turned around and are now in a right half-moon stance with the attacker on his back next to you.) Left backfist to temple. (courtesy of fnorfurfoot)

We have three versions of #49

49 – Step back right, left outward inverted ridge hand block with right hand resting on left forearm palm up (looks like the rt could spear out of block (it doesn’t)) step forward right with simultaneous palms left to ribs right to face fingers facing left. Strike up with left ridge hand/into a sword arm towards neck and chin while stepping behind opponent with left foot going into a hip throw. Opponent usually lands on there chest. Following through with the throw with left hand circle up and down with a left and drop a back hand on spine followed with a right dropping palm to spine.(Courtesy of Jesse Dwire IV)

49 – (Against a left front punch) Start with left leg forward in a half-moon stance. Right palm block followed by a left ridge block (hand-helping-hand). Right foot half-moons forward with a right palm heel to face and a left palm heel to ribs. Left foot half-moons foward going back to back with attacker. Throw attacker over left hip (he will be thrown backwards onto his stomach). Allow hands to swing to the right. Left backhand to kidney followed by a right knife hand strike to kidney or back of neck. (courtesy of fnorfurfoot)

49 – (this version is off a right handed punch) Lateral step to right with a monkey parry (L), right thrust punch. Double downward palms to face, elbow sandwich to face (rt elbow) left hand inserts to slide arm behind back of head as you twist to an iron broom sweep (left to left), dropping axe kick. Video courtesy of Marlon Wilson.

50 – (off of left punch) Left cat, right #1 block with backhand, step forward left, left palm to side of face. Spin clockwise stepping around with right foot (right foot will be closest to opponent), right tiger claw to face, right rising elbow to chin, continue clockwise motion (until facing opponent) and right courtesan fan (finger Whip) to eyes. Left cross body shuto to persons left collar bone, right cross body shuto to persons right collar bone (not breaking – disrupting energy) left palm to heart (you should be in a right half moon by finger whip time, and back will still be slightly turned during Tiger and elbow strikes).(Courtesy of Jesse Dwire IV) Video Available on Youtube (Kevin Carmichael)