Combinations 31-40

31 – Step back with right foot downward palm block. Step forward, downward knifehand to collarbone. Head-turning throw (crane toss), right, left, right tiger claws to face. Video by Ten Tigers Martial Arts Additional video by Marlon Wilson.

Alternate Version, courtesy of shaolinmonkmark:

As opponent punches in and steps in both with his right arm and right leg, halfmoon in directly into opponent with left leg to the outside of opponent’s right leg while simultaneously delivering left circular downward palm block to opponent’s right arm and right downward shuto to opponent’s right collarbone. ( Now, pay attention next, ) left arm grabs opponent’s right arm at wrist while simultaneously right hand grabs the back of the neck of opponent.Pivot your body facing 3’o’ clock, while simultaneously spinning opponent counter clockwise off balance to 3’o’clock, But still hold onto the back of opponent’s neck.Once he has landed directly below you , left tiger claw strike to face,right tiger claw to face, left tiger claw to face, since his head is on the ground- Right palm heel strike down into bridge of nose.The option after is either to cross, hands on guard, or, my favorite, since his head is between your legs, right Stomp kick to opponent’s bridge of nose as you cross, hands on guard.

32 – Step in to inverted T stance, left upward palm block, right inverted leopard’s paw to armpit. Left (spinning) hook kick to solar plexus / groin. Sweep the attacker’s leg with a spinning right hook kick,use wrist to control takedown. Right heel kick to ribs, step over turning counterclockwise, axe kick to neck. It can be found on this video courtesy of Shihan Jesse Dwire. Alternate video by Marlon Wilson Another video by Ten Tigers.

33 – Left shearing block, palm to face (orbit). Wrap attacker’s head with left hand, pull into roundhouse elbow to the face. Pull the head down as you do a right rising fist / closed tiger mouth to the solar plexus, circling back around to a right knife hand to the spine. Finish with a left thrust punch to the kidney, a right punch to the head. Video by Ten Tigers Martial Arts

34 – Left downward block, left instep kick to the groin. Left then right chicken wrist strikes to the head. Wrap right hand around head to pull into right knee. Left downward elbow, then wrap the head. Spin clockwise to do a right rear elbow to opponent’s head. Continue turning clockwise and step out left while performing a left palm to the head. Video by Ten Tigers Martial Arts

35 – Step right foot to 10 o’clock to a twist stance and perform an outside dragon trap. Step around with the left and slide the right hand to opponent’s wrist. Left palm to the opponent’s elbow, skip up to head. Left side kick to ribs, cross and cover. Video by Ten Tigers Martial Arts , Additional Video by Jim Brassard

36 – Cat Stance (right foot back), bell block, (right hand ridge, left hand palm over opponent’s fist) right hand stays up while left hand palm strikes body. Switch hands as left holds opponents arm up, right does willow palm and chicken wrist to ribs. Leg hock with ridgehand takedown. Instep kick through the back, axe kick to throat. Drop knee to crush head. Jump up and spin clockwise to horse stance over face. Immortal man then trigger fingers to eyes. Video by Ten Tigers Martial Arts, additional video courtesy of Marlon Wilson.

37 – Draw back to cat, weight on right. Left palm down, lunge forward, right oxjaw to opponent’s right collarbone. Circular right ridge hand to opponent’s jaw with simultaneous left palm to face, followed by right backfist. Video by Ten Tigers Martial Arts

38 – Step out right with right palm block across and left back two knuckle punch to solar plexus. Rising backhand under jaw, step in to inverted ‘t’ stance with left foot while performing left palm to face / throat. Spin through to right half moon with a right backfist, left palm. Video by Ten Tigers Martial Arts

39 – Step to two o’clock with left foot with #8 block to palm to face. Spin through with cross hammer to neck, palm to chest. lunge with elbow & palm, lunge with cross hammer, thrust punch to chest. Video by Ten Tigers Martial Arts

40 – Start in left half moon stance. Leap to left crane stance with parry (l) and backfist to temple (r). Side blade kick, (R) to knee with simultaneous backfist/ hammer to kidney. (R) backfist to head, cross and cover. Video by Ten Tigers Martial Arts