The Animal Techniques of Bob Fritz: The Tiger

Copyright 2007, Robert W. Fritz, used by permission.

1) Step back with right into a left cat stance, while doing an open hand #4 block, lunge into a left forward stance, while doing a right palm heel to ribs, left tigers rake to face and arm-to clear arm, right tigers mouth strike to throat.
2) Quick Hand Tiger step in with left foot, an open hand a #4 block, from under block right palm heel to face, left palm heel to face, right palm heel to groin, left palm heel to face, right palm heel to face.
3) Small Package while stepping back with right foot use both hands to deflect incoming strike, lunge forward still remaining in a left fighting stance while doing a double palm strike left palm to face, right palm to stomach, with your left hand grab opponents right shoulder with right hand do a back punch to kidney area, while pulling down with your left hand sweep the right leg with your right arm continue through with your right hand between tier legs and collapse into them trying to grab their throat. Finish.
4) Ripping step forward with left foot while doing an open hand #4 block with your right hand (from under their strike) open hand strike the left side of their face, with your right hand grab ear and rip off their ear while striking them with a left palm to the face, slide your left hand up to their head and pull back exposing throat, with your right hand strike with a tigers mouth to throat, step through with your right foot landing behind them, with both hands still on the head and throat hip throw them over your right leg they’ll land in front of you, rip out throat with right hand while raking away with your left hand.
5) Step to right into a twist stance (left over right) while doing an open palm block with your right hand while doing a left palm to stomach, left palm to chin, spin out of the twist stance to the right and do a right tigers claw strike to groin, right upward elbow to chin, right tigers rake to head, left palm strike to heart.
6) Tiger Claw downward block, cat stance left, double circular block upward, double tiger claws to the ribs.
7) Double tiger Claw swiping block right, double tiger claws to the solar plexus, right knife band or double tiger claws to the kidney, with left hand pull down on belt. With right hand sweep opponent’s right leg upward, groin rip with your right tiger claw, jump and spin turn to land over opponent’s face, tiger claws to the eyes.
8) Simultaneously right block over left tiger claw to opponent’s face, right tiger claw to the groin, swipe off with the left hand, right tiger claw to throat, left palm to opponent’s side of head, thrust right tiger claw to opponent’s throat.

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