Animal Techniques from Bob Fritz: The snake

Copyright 2007, Robert W. Fritz. Used by permission.

1) Step back with right foot, while doing a left hand downward snake tooth parry block, spin all the way around with right foot-to the left landing in a right fighting stance, and do a right snakes tooth to opponents right temple, do a left snakes tooth to left temple, double two finger whip to eyes, right toe kick to throat.
2) Step back with right foot-straightening left leg, while doing a right ridge hand block to left, left hand under right crossing face (as a distraction) left hand continues on to grab opponents arm and pull, while right hand spear strike to throat, left hand under right fingers to eyes, pivot backwards with right foot, while doing a left inverted toe kick to throat.
3) Circular snake block, right flick to eyes, step over right foot, swinging back toe kick left.
4)Right foot steps out, two circular blocks (snakes), right poke to throat; left toe kick to right leg, right toe kick, cross over right rising back kick to throat.
5) Right twist stance, left inward palm block, right two finger flick to eyes, left foot around, left foot kicks back of leg, all weight on left, right hook kick head, right round kick to face.

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