Bob Fritz Animal Techniques: Dragon

Copyright Robert W. Fritz, 2007, used by permission.

1) Step with left foot 90º backwards, while doing a #3 block, right rising heel kick to face or stomach.
2) Twist stance- left foot over right foot, while doing an open hand #6 block, twist out into a horse stance- back facing opponent, right back scoop kick to groin, step all the way around with right foot-into a right fighting stance, while doing a rising open hand forearm strike to chin, followed by a left thrust or palm heel strike to heart.
3) Shift backwards with left leg, while doing a rising double open hand block-catching incoming punch between thumbs and hands, while doing a right heel kick to stomach-landing in a right fighting stance, clear punch upwards and do a double knife hands to collar bones, wrap left hand behind head, while doing a right palm heel to chin-and grab chin pulling head into left shoulder, step back with left leg into a left fighting stance, break opponents neck with double rake.
4) Dragon Hoofs – shift back into a left cat stance while doing double rising dragon hoofs block, spring forward while doing double driving spear hands to plural cavity, double palm strikes to stomach, grab opponents forward leg and pull back taking them to ground, double strikes to femoral arteries, driving knife to groin.
5) Kicking Dragon – dragon block to the outside, round house kick to stomach landing in a horse stance with your butt facing them, left hook kick to groin followed by a jumping crescent with your right foot to there stomach landing in a horse stance facing there side, grab there right shoulder with your left hand and pull back while sweeping out there right leg, with your back to them, find there body with your left foot, with your right foot.
6) Windmill Dragon – dragon block to the outside while moving into a left twist stance (right over left), right ridge hand stick to throat hooking the head, step with your left foot around the opponent while doing a left ridge hand strike to neck hooking the head, while stepping back with your right foot take opponent down, double raking hands from left to right down the face to body, double raking hands from right to left down the body to face, double palms to stomach and heart.
7) Lean left, left (plum tree grip), right round kick three times to ribs.
8) Step back with right foot, double upward block, right reverse crescent kick. Driving left knife hand to back of neck/spine, right knife hand to heart, grab head, pivot back to the left, snapping neck.
9) Step out left, swivel right hip in, inward palm block left, right upward palm. Left palm downward temple, right spinning hook.

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