Thrusting / Stabbing Knives from Michael Litton

Stabbing Knife #1
Glide step back to 7:30 w/ left foot.
Execute right outward knife-hand block, execute right side blade kick to floating ribs (like DM 7)
step over, on guard.

Stabbing Knife #2
Turn and take a deep step towards 4:30 w/ right foot.
Execute left back kick to chest
land in half-moon (right-foot forward) on guard

Stabbing Knife #3
Glide step to 9 o’clock w/ left foot into right foot forward cat stance facing 3 o‘clock
Execute right forward shuto/chop block to forearm. Simultaneously slide hand down to grab wrist
As you step into right foot forward half-moon stance execute left forearm strike to break elbow

Stabbing Knife #4
Hinge backwards w/ right foot into side horse stance facing 3 o’clock, grab/trap wrist simultaneously
rotate hand/wrist above shoulder as you hinge step w/ right foot toward attacker (kempo 4) 9 o’clock
Bring elbow over shoulder, hinge w/ left foot forward back to 3 o’clock, rotate wrist down, tearing shoulder,
bringing opponent to the ground

Stabbing Knife #5
Step to 9 o’clock in right foot forward cat stance, simultaneous w/ right outward dragon block
Step into right half-moon stance
Execute left back two knuckle to temple
Execute left ridge-hand strike to inside of elbow (from the top)
Guide wrist to beneath head, cut forward to throat
Execute stab to solar plexus

6 o’clock rock
1) Half-moon right
2) #8 Knife-hand block to the wrist (chopping)
3) Right hand downward shuto on wrist holding knife.
4) Wrist lock with both hands
5) Using wrist lock, bring arm holding knife in large circle clockwise to force the head down.
(You should now be in a right half-moon)
6) Left instep kick to the face.

The Yawn
1) Left foot in front twist stance
2) #7 Knife-hand block to the wrist
3) Continue circling under wrist with right hand while stepping out of twist stance into horse stance behind opponent,
executing left ridge hand to the throat.
4) Yawn and stretch, pulling the throat and arm apart, lifting opponent up. (knife may or may not drop at this point)
5) Step back with Right foot, pushing opponent down in front of you with left hand.
6) Right tiger claw strike to opponent’s face starting from chin.

The Forgotten
1) Step to 9 o’clock into right cat stance facing 3 o’clock
2) #7 Knife-hand block to the wrist
3) Continue circling under wrist with right hand while stepping into right half moon and left shuto to the elbow.
4) Left palm heel to mandible joint
5) Use left hand to guide opponent’s head downward.
6) Left rising shin strike to face.
7) Without stepping down, front sweep opponent with left leg.
8) Knee to the back.
9) Left thrust punch to the back of the neck.

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