Straight Thrust Knife Techniques


1) Step out with left foot to fighting stance and execute a right knifehand blockand grab to attackers weapon arm at the wrist. Left palm heel break to the elbow, followed by left eye poke and left sidekick to the knee. 


2) Draw to a left cat stance and cross block right over left down on weapon arm. Execute an arm bar, bending opponent over. Right front kick to face, crescent kick over body and scissor arm break, and right axe kick to back of head. 


3) Step back with right foot to horse stance. Left knifehand block while right hand grabs attacker’s weapon hand. Step back with left foot for reverse arm bar break. 


4) Step inside with right foot, left knife hand block and grab. Right spear hand or palm heel to throat / nose. Right rising fist to break weapon arm, then turn arm to hammerlock. Right hand grabs jaw, left knifehand to throat. 


5) Draw to left cat stance, crossblock down, left over right. Reverse wristlock to arm and right roundhouse kick. Takedown, right heel stomp to throat.