Overhead Clubs by Michael Litton, Part Two


·         Step past opponent with left foot, into leaning stance, right arm extended straight.

·         Right roundhouse knee to stomach or ribs.

·         As you step down deliver a right side/downward elbow (perpendicular to opponent) to back of neck (doubling opponent over).

·         Left downward elbow to spine. Kiai.



·         Step forward with Left foot, #5 block (between wrist and elbow).

·         Pull Left knee out of way (into flamingo stance) as Right arm redirects club arm clockwise and away towards 9 o’clock (as per DM 4).

·         Left foot steps forward again into half moon, Right cross-hand shuto to neck.

·         Right hand wraps behind neck, Right roundhouse knee to solar plexus.

·         Step down to right half moon stance facing opponent deliver Left downward elbow to spine.

·         Left hand reaches around head, grabbing opponent by chin.

·         While still holding chin, pivot counter-clockwise (breaking opponents neck), Left hand moves as if throwing a Frisbee.



·         Left foot half moons forward.

·         Execute #6 block to forearm with simultaneous thrust punch to solar plexus.

·         Grab opponent’s arm with left hand.

·         Pull arm down and away while delivering Right forearm strike to throat.

·         Wrap behind neck with Right hand.

·         Right rising knee to solar plexus, circle leg behind for leg hock (using forearm).

·         Right circular backfist to nose. Kiai.



·         Step forward with Left foot into half moon stance.

·         Double overhead cross-block, Right hand on top (Block arm between wrist and elbow).

·         Grab arm with Right hand, Left knuckle rake down nose.

·         Break elbow using rising Left forearm.

·         Left hammer fist to groin while pulling forward with Right arm (bending opponent over).

·         Left hand hooks under arm and behind the head.  Circle Left arm down and forward, flipping attacker onto back.

·         Left circular hammer to nose. Kiai.



·         Step forward with left foot into half moon stance.  Window block (Left hand on top).

·         Clear club arm upwards, circle arms to deliver Double palm heels to groin and base of spine.

·         Double palm heels to solar plexus and spine.

·         Simultaneous Left tigers’ mouth to back of neck and Right tigers’ mouth to throat.

·         Grab chin with Right and back of head with Left.

·         Pull left hand and Push right hand, twisting opponents’ head counter-clockwise. Kiai.



Twist Right over Left, double overhead cross-block to start technique.


OVERHEAD #13 – Santa Claus

·         Step forward with Left foot into half moon stance.

·         #6 Block and Right thrust punch to ribs.

·         Right hand circles up behind attackers arm, striking inside of elbow joint.

·         Wrap both hands around arm, creating joint lock.

·         Step forward and take opponent down onto their back.

·         Left thrust punch to face. Kiai.



·         Step forward with Right foot into half moon stance.

·         #6 Block with simultaneous Right back 2 knuckle to solar plexus.

·         Grab arm with Left hand, pivot to 9 o’clock, Right rising back 2 knuckle to chin.

·         Circle Right arm behind opponent (under their Right arm), grab Right shoulder.

·         Step to a Horse Stance facing 6 o’clock, Right then Left, so that opponent is behind you with their Right arm over your Right shoulder.

·         Hip throw (Note: Keep back straight to avoid injury)



instead of Hip Throw, drop to right knee pulling opponent over shoulder and onto ground.

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