Bob Fritz kempos by number 61-69

copyright 2007 Robert W. Fritz, used by permission.

61)plum tree 5 – Short armed monkey – left half-moon double cross block downward, swing through, double front punch to head, jump left knee right knee throw down
62)Butterfly opens its wings – left half-moon left inward palm block right palm to chest. Right upward palm, right knife hand to collarbone. Right grab wrist, left thrust punch to ribs, left wrap arm, bend over break arm. Double palms out of chest, tornado kick
63)Basic knife hand – right half-moon left block right knife hand. Right upward palm, right spiking elbow to sternum. grab shoulders, take down with right sweep, break arm on knee
64)left half moon inward palm block right roundhouse elbow to face knee bump downward palm to face
65)left half moon left palm block right driving knife hand to temple grab head right knee to stomach left dropping elbow left grab head right palm to face right grab step back with left pull down right tiger rip right palm to face
66)right Chinese heel, #3 block open hand at same time, right cross body knife hand throat, left palm to chest right back punch to stomach
67)Step in with left, right iron fortress block, simultaneous right reverse hammer and left driving knife hand, right driving knife hand, left tiger mouth to throat, right leg hook sweep, break leg, left kick to groin
68)right Chinese heel, #3 block open hand, right cross body knife hand throat left palm to face, right palm across face spin to left; left knife hand to throat right back punch to stomach
69)Step in with left cross block up left dropping palm to ribs spin hands left to back of head right to groin simultaneously. Wrap around with left for sweep

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