Bob Fritz Kempos by Number 41-50

Copyright 2007, Robert W. Fritz, used by permission.

41)Iron Broom From a right straight punch or right hook punch- #2 open hand block grabbing wrist while right hand checks opponents left shoulder, with right foot step under their right arm and through (landing with your butt to their right hip) while striking the bicep or armpit area with a right leopards paw maintaining control of their right wrist with your left hand, left hook kick to groin, move opponents arm from your left shoulder over your head to right shoulder controlling wrist with your right hand, with your right leg slide back into a left forward stance while pulling opponent down with right hand, finish.
42)Step out left half-moon, left palm block, right thrust to stomach, left thrust to stomach right palm heel to face
43)Clothesline – left lunge, left palm block, right ridge hand to throat
44)Step out left half-moon, inward palm block, right thrust, left thrust, leg hawk to right leg, punch to face
45)Step back right cat stance, left inward palm block, right front ball kick, left jumping crescent kick, right jumping spinning reverse crescent kick
46)Step out twist right in front of left, right outward knife hand block, spin left to horse stance left knife hand to stomach, right iron broom sweep to legs
47)Step out twist right in front of left, right outward knife hand block, left step into horse stance behind person, left palm to kidney, right palm to kidney, left grab right shoulder, pull back + left leg sweep, to right, 180 spin to right stomp
48)Inward left windmill block, spin to left, right Palm to face, left back elbow to stomach, right back elbow to stomach, reach behind grab back of neck with right hand sweep out left leg with right leg
49)Outward right windmill block, spin to right, left palm to face, spin more, knife hand to back of neck, grab back of neck, heel kick to face, blade kick to knee
50)Outward windmill block left side claw w/ right hand grab break with left forearm move to inside iron thumb to armpit hyperextend with right arm raking back fist to kidneys hammer strike to collarbone

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