Bob Fritz Kempos by Number 31-40

Copyright 2007, Robert W. Fritz, used by permission.

Some kempos here are techniques from EPAK or Kempo-Jutsu, also 39 and 40 didn’t have descriptions, so I inserted* them. If they aren’t what Bob meant, that’s my fault. -Matt

31)Left Kempo left open hand block while stepping into a twist stance (left foot over right foot) twist out and do a right scoop kick to groin, turn back to left and do a left axe kick to head.
32)Left Kempo With right foot turn slightly to 1 o’clock position while doing an outward knife hand block with your left hand, right trigger finger to temple while moving into a right twist stance (left foot behind right), left tigers claw strike to groin, while holding left tiger claw to groin step out with right foot into a horse stance (facing opponent), striking the chest with a right butting elbow while pulling upward with the left tigers claw, spin to the left pivoting on the right foot @270? landing with your left foot forward next to the left side of opponents face, right spear hand to throat, right chicken wrist to heart, left palm to heart, pivot to right dropping left shin across opponents face, drag and kick head with left foot.
33)Step in with left foot while doing a left open palm block followed by a right ridge hand to chest, pivot and break arm, left hammer to face, right hammer to ribs, step up with right leg and follow with a side kick to back of leg.
34)4 Strike #3 block, right knife to throat, left palm to face, right ¾ punch to stomach
35)6 Hit left thrust punch to ribs under right open hand block, right knife hand to throat, left palm heel to face, right front punch to stomach, left knife hand to throat, right palm heel to face.
36)Takedown step in with left foot with open hand left block to outside of punch, right ridge hand to groin, both right and left palms to chest area and drive opponent to ground.
37)Thundering Hammers step forward with left foot while doing an open #4 block and a right reverse hammer to groin, right barrel strike to back of head, left hammer to back of neck, right raking strike down the back bringing opponent back up, with left hand grab right shoulder and pull back while sweeping there right leg with your left leg, right stomp opponents face.
38)Prof. Kimo’s basic knife shoot forward with a #2 knife block and a right knife hand strike to the collar bone, right rising elbow to chin, right downward elbow to sternum, with right grab opponents right shoulder pushing down while doing a right leg hawk driving opponent to the ground, still controlling opponent right arm break it across your knee, right thrust punch to ribs.
39)Parting Wings*:(grab and punch) Trap grabbing hand. Inward block under the grabbing arm to intercept punch while hyperextending grabbing arm. Open, clearing arms. Hammer fist to side of face, inverse hammer to groin, obscure elbow to chin.
40)Bending the Bow*:(Right punch) Double parry outside, grab the punching arm withthe right hand, shoot a thrust punch through the face with the left about elbow deep. Bridge the opponent out hyperextending the punching arm by applying pressure down and out on the arm and neck. Right hammer to heart.

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