Bob Fritz Kempos by number 21-30

The writeup is copyright 2007, Robert W. Fritz used by permission.

Please note the specific attack details for several of these, and if you’ll notice, many of these were connected to the 10 point blocking system. – Matt

21)Half moon forward with your left foot, while doing an open hand #4 block, right thrust punch to stomach, left thrust punch to kidney, right tigers mouth strike to throat, right leg hawk take down, right thrust punch to face.
22)Step out and forward with your left foot, while doing an open hand a #4 block, right ridge hand strike over or under block. *follow through.
23)Leg Kempo Right reverse crescent (block), left instep to back of knee, spinning hook kick to head.
24) (10 point)Blood Palms cut back with left foot while doing double outward knife hand blocks, thrust forward, double palm strikes to stomach, shuffle forward, double knife hand strikes to neck, shuffle forward double tigers rakes to face, shuffle forward, double poison thumbs to eyes.
25)(10 point)Sunflower step back with left foot while doing an open hand double block (right hand over left hand), left hand grab striking wrist, pulling into a right knife hand strike to throat, right hand wrap around neck, right knee strike to stomach, stepping back with right foot into a cowboy throw, finish with any strike (hammers to face).
26)(10 point) cut back with left foot while doing double crossing and rising outward knife hand blocks clearing strike to one side, thrust forward, double hammer strikes towards groin/kidneys, double tigers mouth strikes to neck, right leg hawk sweep taking opponent down while controlling neck, finish with ripping throat out and thrust strikes to ribs.
27)(10 point) Dragon block to the right while stepping back with your right foot, left front kick to gut, shuffle forward left knife hand strike to forehead pulling head back, right downward elbow to face, neck or chest.
28)(10 point) Dragon block to the left while stepping into a right cat, right reverse crescent kick to opponents back/kidneys landing with your right foot behind there right leg, right chicken wrist to face, right palm heel to opponents right shoulder while chambering your left hand still controlling there right arm shifting your weight into a hoarse stance should take down opponent, right trust punch to ribs or wrap up opponents arm with your leg and break.
29)(10 point) quick hands from an over the top hook punch, step in with left foot while doing a double crossing (left on top of right) knife hand block, left knife strike to neck and right knife strike to ribs, left hand grab back of head driving right elbow to face, right knife strike to neck, left palm strike to face, right back punch to stomach.
30)Left Kempo step in with right foot while doing a right open hand block, left trigger finger to temple, left front kick to inside right leg followed by right punch to face.

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