Bob Fritz Kempos by Number 1-10

This writeup is copyright 2007, Robert W. Fritz, used by permission.
From a Horse stance / Natural stance:

1)FIVE KNIVES – Step right foot back into cat stance while left knife hand block to inside right forearm; Step left foot forward while Left hand knife to right shoulder joint, then right hand knife to right shoulder joint, then left hand knife slash to throat, then right hand vertical knife to nose.
2)FIVE SWORDS – Step left foot back and pivot right foot into side stance (Horse) while right hand knife block to right inside forearm; Then right hand knife slash to the throat, then right hand spear to solar plexus; Then step left foot in back of right (cross stance) while left hand splits fingers (ala Mr. Spock) to eyes, then step right foot across left foot while right hand knife slash to throat
3)FIVE PUNCHES – Step back with right foot while executing #2 block with left forearm/hand; then right hand thrust punch to groin, then stomach, then face; Then left hand punch to face going left to right across face; Then right hand punch to face going right to left across face.
4)Shuffle left, windmill block to outside arm. Left palm heel to face, left Chinese heal kick to back of attackers right knee. Grab hair or face with left hand pull backwards. Left knee to back, as the attacker falls right knife hand to throat.
5)Cat back (left cat), Left outward knife hand block. Shuffle forward with left foot behind attackers lead foot. Slide left hand up and behind attackers head and grab hair. Right roundhouse elbow to face, right rams head to groin. Pivot to right moving left knee into back of attacker’s knee. Pivot back to original position, right palm heal to face, (hand stays behind head the entire time).
6)Left windmill, step back right foot, left roundhouse elbow, reach with left palm around face, bringing down to left knee, drop them down on left knee and do a right elbow to sternum.
7)Left outward knife hand block. Right Chinese heal kick to opponents lead leg. Right instep kick to opponents back leg. Land at 2 O’clock and deliver a right roundhouse elbow to face.
8)Windmill block left palm, right fist at same time as twist stance crossing right leg over left. Turn counterclockwise and back fist to face and right crescent kick (windmill kick) to chest.
9)Left knife block right thrust punch, lift left arm up right elbow kidney grab with right hand right leg and pull upon right arm.
10)Left palm right thrust, simultaneously groin, kidney knife hand, same hat tiger mouth and throat, left hand reach and shoulder and then take down.

7 Responses to Bob Fritz Kempos by Number 1-10

  1. Jesse Dwire says:

    the first technique the first 2 last knife hands are driving knife hands and the third one is a cross body shuto to throat

  2. Jesse Dwire says:

    the 6th one is step FRWD left foot windmill to a dragon block outside arm, left roundhouse elbow to head.

  3. Jesse Dwire says:

    #8 – step out after twist into horse stance at persons right side.,, bye the way I know the corrections because I taught Sensei fritz these techniques

  4. matt says:

    Feel free to log in and edit the post (now that you have such ultimate power).


  5. Jesse Dwire says:

    I guess that would be easier. wow, this could be the best way to update my own notebook.

  6. Todd says:

    His #2) above, Mr. Spock’s Vulcan Salutation, I have in my Old Notes as being called a “Snake Tooth”. Split the 2 middle fingers, 2 fingers to each side, fingers slightly bent, palm down, strike to the throat, to either side of the windpipe.
    I have a rapid fire 6 punch one, all to the throat and face. I’ll have to look for it.
    What is a “windmill block”?
    What is a “windmill kick”???
    You guys have alot of different “terminology” than I do, I think.
    From his #9) A very simple thing to do, is …a) Lt knifehand block inside attacker’s Rt punch, together with a Simultaneous Rt Thrust Punch to the Solars… b) then either wrap your Lt arm around his Rt arm or just grab at his Rt shoulder with your Lt hand… c) then, right off of the Rt Thrust punch to the Solars, do a Rt Rising Elbow, right up under his chin…..d) the result will most probably be ….Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!

  7. jesse dwire says:

    we call it a snakes tooth also – This is from Sensei Fritz’s private collection and his notes are based on helping him remember things. His windmill kick is also known as a wheel kick which is basically spinning your bods and just doing a dead leg crescent with full body momentum behind it. A windmill block is also known in some schools and a circular hands block. think person is doing a straight right punch – left inward palm block followed be an immediate outward circular knifehand block with right hand. As for #9 his description does not do it justice. the point is that you are slightly behind the person when you deliver the right elbow and you are still holding on to the persons attacking hand as you pull it over your body. This way when you grab there pant leg you are using the push – pull theory as you pull there arm down and lift there leg up. We only do this tech. if we tell our Uke. It is quick and if your not ready you will easily get dumped on your neck with your feet still in the air.

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