The Robert Fritz Collection

Bob Fritz is an instructor at Dragon-Phoenix Chelmsford. Many people keep training notebooks, but he’s actually written down every kempo technique he’s ever been taught. He sent me a copy a while back, and I’m finally getting to put it up. Many thanks for the generous contribution to the cause. I’ve created a separate section because some of these are repeats, but I want to present the collection in its entirety. It’s pretty huge, so I’ll be putting it up in segments. Check back often, as it’s a big collection.

Part One:The lettered kempos.

Part Two: Numbered Kempos 1-10

Part Three: Numbered Kempos 11-20

Part Four: Numbered Kempos 21-30

Part Five: Numbered Kempos 31-40

Part Six: Numbered Kempos 41-50

Part Seven: Numbered Kempos 51-60

Part Eight: Numbered Kempos 61-69

Animal Techniques from Bob: