Michael Litton Collection, Kempos, Part Two

1)    Box step to the left using a left checking palm block, left chicken wrist to the face, tiger claw to the face pulling opponent behind your back while you sweep with your left foot, pivot and stomp to the heart.

2)    Reverse crescent to block/strike the incoming punch, roundhouse to head, spin around back kick to solar plexus, en guarde.

3)    Same- leopard paw

4)    Same- t stance

5)    Left foot steps out at 10:30 with a left circular palm block followed by a right then left thrust punch combo to the ribs, right tiger mouth to throat with right sweep to leg, spear hand poke to throat before opponent hits the ground.

a)     Left foot steps out at 10:30 with a left circular palm block followed by a right thrust punch to the ribs then a left palm heel to the temple, right reverse crescent to the temple, right roundhouse to the face or solar plexus, left spin around back kick to the solar plexus.


6)    Box step right to a horse stance, right checking palm block then chicken wrist to nose and grab their wrist, side blade kick to solar plexus, turn away from opponent deliver left back kick to body, drop to the ground scissors take down and finish with a left downward instep to back of their head.

7)    5 kick of the Dragon- Right foot steps back as you deliver a right dragon block, right reverse crescent to elbow, right side blade kick to ribs, right roundhouse to face, right side thrust kick to knee, left spinning wheel kick to face as you release the dragon block.

8)    Same- Mule

9)    Same- Crane

10) Same- 3 Pinan

11) Tiger

–       Execute a left downward tiger claw block to the punch at the wrist while fading to a left cat-stance.

–       Step forward and execute a right tiger claw to nerve just below the elbow

–       Left tiger rake down face, right tiger claw to the face.

–       Wrap the back of the neck with the right and execute a right rising knee to the opponents chest.

–       Pivot to 1:30 and execute a left downward elbow to the back.

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