Michael Litton Collection, Kempos, Part Three

1)    Tiger

–       Execute a left downward tiger claw block to the punch at the wrist while fading to a left cat-stance.

–       Step forward and execute a right tiger claw to nerve just below the elbow

–       Left tiger rake down face, right tiger claw to the face.

–       Wrap the back of the neck with the right and execute a right rising knee to the opponents chest.

–       Pivot to 1:30 and execute a left downward elbow to the back.

2)    Outward left knife hand block and grab (dragon block) while delivering a right roundhouse elbow to jaw (follow through with right arm) deliver a right side elbow to other side of jaw.  Right ridge hand to back of opponents shoulder (behind shoulder blade) while lifting opponents arm with your left hand up and over your right ridge hand (this should almost flip opponent) deliver a left kick.

3)    Box step right to a ½ moon stance, right chicken wrist left knife hand, pivot and circle arm into a wrists lock, left instep to face, left axe kick to back of neck spinning opponent to the ground, grab arm place right heel in his armpit and pull to dislocate shoulder.

4)    John Travolta

Step to a right twist stance and execute a left inward palm block and right driving shuto to the nose. Grab the neck with the right hand and grab the arm with the left tiger’s mouth.  Step to a shallow horse with the left facing 3:00.  With a whirlwind type motion, flip the opponent over toward 6:00 and execute a left front ball kick to the opponent’s ribs.

5)       #2 block while fading to a left cat stance.

–       Execute a left front ball to the solar-plexus stepping forward to a left half-moon.

–       Left front-2-knuckle to the face.

–       Thrust to the ribs.

–       Cross-hand shuto to the throat.

–       Take them down with a left slice to a throat and a left sweep to the back of the right leg.

–       Do not step down but swing back facing 9:00 and land in a left half-moon.

–       Execute a right glancing ball kick to the ribs landing in a horse stance straddling the opponent.

–       Execute 2 downward shutos to the collar-bones.

–       Step over with the left.

–      Hidden strike: Crescent kick on the step over with the left

6)    Right palm with left dragon block as you box step, right chicken wrist to solar plexus/ribs, right foot leg hocks as right forearm hits throat, right circular back fist to nose

a)     Right palm with left dragon block as you box step , right chicken wrist to the temple, drop to a leopards stance, left hand grabs ankle as right forearm strikes inside knee forcing takedown, right back fist to groin, right hand pulls.

7)     With the right foot stepping into a right twist stance use a left inward palm block (sub #4 block) and simultaneous right palm (sub right thrust punch) to the ribs.

The left foot then steps forward into a left half-moon as both arms lift the opponents arm up-left arm on top-this puts them off balance.

Double palms-left to coccyx and right to groin.

Double palms-left to spine and right to solar.

Double tiger’s mouths-left to neck and right to throat.

Bring the right hand up over the arm to a right inverted inserting into eye sockets.

Left foot shuffles in front of right.

Press the opponents head down with the left with the right hand remaining in the eye sockets.

Left hand snaps down hard on the back of neck as the right two fingers pull straight up-injure opponents neck.

Execute a right downward shuto to the spine.


8)    Doink!

a)     Start with left hand upholding hand guard.

b)    Left hand hooking hand block to punch

c)     Step forward right hand circular palm strike to face, following through to grab hand that punched.

d)    Continue step through to horse stance with back to opponent

e)     Left Rear elbow to solar

f)     Left downward hammer to groin

g)     Left reverse rising elbow to chin

h)    Wrap arm around opponent locking chin

i)      Right hand hansuki to eye (Doink!)

j)      Left leg step back into half moon facing 3 (130)

k)    Launch opponent like disc, breaking neck.

9)    Step to the left pulling the right leg into a t stance.  Deliver a flat hand ridge block over the opponents punch.  Step off with right foot, grabbing wrist with right hand and deliver a left palm to elbow glancing off to the head.  Grab opponents wrist with your left hand and deliver a left hook kick to solar or groin.  Spin around and land in a horse stance so the opponent arm is behind you and you are still holding it with your left hand. Deliver a right back first to head, then immediate left back kick to solar or groin, spin around and deliver a right palm heel to the nose.

10)  Left foot forward on guard, Hinge back with left foot into a right foot forward side horse stance.  Deliver a trapping wing block with right arm, pull opponent toward you and deliver a right side elbow to nose.  Quickly wrap right arm around head and under the chin.   Lift up, and deliver a right heel kick to opponent’s face.  Step forward with left foot and then with right foot throwing your right arm like an inverted Frisbee, breaking the opponents neck.

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