Michael Litton Collection, Kempos, Part Five

  1. Video 1


–        Draw back to a left cat stance.

–        Left inward palm block.

–        Left front-ball kick to solar and land in left half-moon behind opponents front leg.

–        Right simultaneous palm strike to face trapping opponents arm between the strike and block.

–        Right hand traps the wrist as you deliver left palm strike to side of head.

–        Kiai.


  1. Video 2


–        Step in with the left foot.

–        Overhead cross block.

–        Simultaneous inward hammers to solar and spine.

–        Pull into right rising knee.

–        Step back to the left half-moon.

–        Left downward-elbow to spine.

–        Left hand wraps around side of head underneath the jaw.

–        Peal the head back and pivot.

–        Right shuto to the neck.

–        Kiai.


  1. Video 3.


–        Half-moon back with the right foot and #2 knife block.

–        Grab step in with the right foot to a horse stance facing 9:00.

–        Left hook kick to solar and step back down to horse.

–        Sweep with right leg to left half-moon facing 3:00.

–        Continue to hold onto arm.

–        Right glancing ball to ribs.

–        Kiai.


  1. Snap-Crackle Pop


–        Step forward with the left and execute a left inward palm block with a right

Backfist  to the wrist.

–        Hook the wrist with the right hand and execute a backfist to the nerves on the


–        Palm to the punch and back to knuckle to the temple.

–        Wrap the right hand around the back of the neck and the left hand underneath the wrist-Flip the opponent over.

–        Cross your hands and claw.

–        Inward trigger finger to the temple and inward immortal men to the eyes.

–        Kiai.


–        HM back with the right.

–        #2 knife block, Grab.

–        Right crescent to the side of the head.

–        Pivot around and execute left back kick to the opponents chest.

–        Pivot counter clockwise and land in a left HM.

–        Kiai.



–        Step forward with the left foot and execute a left inward palm block.

–        Right thrust to the ribs and left palm to the face.

–        Execute a right reverse crescent to the head or body over the arm.  Land in left half-moon.

–        Right round-house instep to the head followed by a left spinning back kick to the body.

–        Land in a left half-moon.

–        Kiai.

–        Replace spinning back kick with a jump spinning back kick.

–        After the crescent do a left switch round-house to the knee landing a left half-moon and a right thrust to the face.

–        After the crescent do a jumping right front kick, a flying left knee and a jump spinning back kick to the body.



–        Half-moon back into a horse facing 3:00 with the #4 knife block-Open the Gate.

–        With the left hand in a monkey paw, cup the right for a right clockwise spin similar to kempo 20.

–        Execute a right rear elbow to the head with the left hand pulling the arm to break the elbow.

–        Left hook kick to the groin.

–        The left hand throws the opponent’s hand away in a large clockwise circle.

–        While throwing the arm over sweep the opponent with the right leg to their calf.

–        Facing 1:30 in a left half-moon front ball kick to the ribs-hold onto the arm.

–        Kiai


8. Crane #3

1)  Start from a neutral front stance (feet together)

2)  Small hop to the right ending in left leg up flamingo stance.  Arms execute double outward chicken wrist blocks.

3)  Right arm locks wrist with chicken wrist/crane’s beak/ox jaw

4)  Left foot steps down into half moon facing 9 o’clock, right arm executes chicken wrist strike to the underside of the arm, just down from the shoulder joint of the attacker’s punching arm, hitting the nerve and muscle.

5) Right arm lifts the attackers strike arm out of the way as the right leg steps into a horse stance facing 9 o’clock.

6) Rotate on the right leg counter-clockwise into a left half-moon facing 130 while executing a right-handed ridge-hand strike to the opponent’s solar plexus.

6a)  As an option, left-hand palm strike at the same time to the base of the opponent’s spine.


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