Michael Litton Collection, Kempos Part One

Michael Litton Collection Part One


1)    Half moon back with right, #2 block with counter strike, wrap head with left hand and deliver right forearm strike to face, hook head with right hand ( optional arm pin with left hand), finish with right roundhouse knee.

a)     Jump back to a left cat stance with #2 block and counterstrike, left foot leaps forward to left side of opponents lead foot with right thrust punch to solar plexus then left back fist to nose.


2)    Jump back into a left cat stance and use a left downward parry block, snake around opponents arm moving into an arm bar and deliver right thrust to the temple.

3)    Left half moon forward with left palm block and right tiger claw to groin, rip with tiger claw while left hand shuto to throat, right thrust to solar plexus.

4)    Half moon back with right foot, right knife hand block.  Two finger poke to the eyes then grab hair, pull into right rising knee then deliver to the spine a left downward elbow then a right downward elbow.

5)    Left palm block down as you move into a right twist stance delivering a right back two knuckle to face (all simultaneous), left cross hand shuto to throat, untwist with right palm heel to face, left foot steps behind right foot, spin and deliver left side elbow to solar plexus, pivot and strike with right palm heel to chin or face.

6)    Right twist stance as you left palm block down and right back fist to temple, left foot steps around opponents you deliver right hammer to the kidney, double downward dragon wing strike to shoulder/neck collapsing opponents spine, right foot steps back as you pull opponent to the ground, finish with left shuto to the nose.

7)    Half moon back left knife hand block immediately slide left hand around opponents head and grab hair as you step in with left foot (to outside of opponents right foot) delivering a right forearm strike to face, circular ridge hand hammer to the groin, pivot clockwise with your left knee attacking opponents knee, pivot counterclockwise delivering right roundhouse elbow to face.

8)    Half moon back left knife hand block and grab, shuffle step forward with a hammer strike to the nose then circular ridge hand hammer strike to the groin, right foot steps under opponents right arm, break elbow over your right shoulder, right rear elbow to kidney, switch hands, left rear elbow to solar plexus right leg sweep while pulling opponent to the ground.

9)    Left foot hinges back to 6:00 as you execute a left monkey block, double bear paws to ears, grab and right stepping stool knee to face or solar plexus.

a)     Left leg wrap then push opponent to the ground with the hold on the ears/hair, right knee to groin, tiger mouth to throat then right shoulder roll forward and over opponent.

b)    Left leg wrap then punch opponent to the ground with the hold on the ears/hair, right knee to groin, inverted thrust to lower abdomen, barrel roll landing on opponents chest, simultaneous left elbow to groin and right elbow to face.


10) Right half moon back with right knife hand block and grab, pull in and deliver left front two knuckle punch to the temple, finish with a right crescent kick to solar plexus.

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