West Coast Kempos

(The next four were sent in my shaolinwarriormark)

Breaking the will:

As opponent punches in either straight right/right hook to jaw, simultaneously perform #2 ridge hand block, and front ball kick to opponent’s knee cap(when practicing, gently touch the kneecap)

Right foot steps down to outside of opponent’s right leg. You will be in a slight 45degree.Right reverse ridge hand to groin, left hand cross hand shuto to throat, right thrust to solars , as left hand checks under right, near armpit, left reverse tiger claw to groin, grab, tear, right hand tiger claw to face(above mouth)

Right leg hocks opponent’s right leg.

Quickly drop right knee into opponent’s groin, and quickly deliver right thrust punch, because opponent’s head will pop up once knee drop hits groin. The thrust will smash the head back to the ground.

Right leg front scoops under opponent’s jaw, right front plant next to opponent’s right side of head, and slight pivot off of right leg, now deliver a left axe kick between his eyes with “Kia!”

Cross hands on guard.

Circular Pendulum of Death:

Same intro as # 31, except, once you hit the shuto knife hand to throat, left hand grabs wrist, right hand grabs under shoulder, to pull opponent’ over in a slight leaning forward position. Arm break at elbow, then quickly place left leg on top of opponent’s back of neck. Shoot left leg back, as in throwing a left back kick, low, though, this causes the opponent to “Flip”(when practicing, before you do the “Pendulum Leg Flip”, advise the Friend to please tuck his/her head, into chest, and go with the flip, otherwise, severe damage can be done!)

Drop right knee into chest, to pin, and quickly drop right eagle claw into throat, tear out, with left cross hand shuto to side of throat. Right leg crescent kicks head counter clockwise, then stomps on temple with “kia”.

Cross, hands on guard.

Avenging Leapard (good flow, and Muay Thai Shin Kick at End!)

As opponent punches in with straight right to jaw, step to 45 with left leg, and simultaneously #1 dragon trap arm, quick break at elbow. Right roundhouse elbow to arm, to pin arm into opponent’s side, and striking the stomach at same time. Right back fist/ left palm heel to temple, thus turning opponent’s head to left side( you will see why in a minute.)

Left muay thai kick to back of opponent’s right leg, thus dropping him down to a knee. Left steps down slightly behind opponent. Now, here is the Good ending!

Right leg, Muay thai Full Force Shin kick all the way threw the opponent’s side of head, and yes, spin threw with it! “Kia!” (note, when practicing, throw the kick slowly, over opponent’s head, and spin slowly all the way threw it, counter clockwise, to get the flow. This is one of my personal favorites!)

Cerio’s 5 Sword Hands (not Epak’s 5 swords!)

As opponent punches in with straight right to face, left leg draws back into cat stance, simultaneously throwing a #2 shuto block to opponent’s wrist.Quickly step out with left leg, and quickly deliver a left shuto knife hand to side of throat.Right downward shuto to collarbone, as left hand checks under right, left cross hand shuto straight into throat, followed by right driving shuto to opponent’s clavicle, as you unwind at the hip/waist(drives opponent back.)

(advanced ending-As opponent goes back, shuffle in forward and deliver simultaneously right reverse ridge hand to groin, simultaneously deliver left floating palm heel to right kidney-you will have to get under the opponent’s right shoulder to do this, repeat the shuffle in and simultaneous strikes repeatedly, I like 3 or 4 times, while I keep pressing forward each and every time, as they never see the double hand strikes, and they keep getting “Shocked” each and every time you nail them! Right hand shuts up under jaw, left hand grabs back of opponent’s head ,back of neck, pull head back, and right hand shuto to throat. ”Kia”)

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