Kempo Techniques: Group Three

United Studios Kempos

1. Inside (#3) block, reverse hammer to groin, back two knuckle punch to the face.

2. Back hand strike to temple, reverse hammer to ribs, front hammer to groin.

3. Inside block, elbow to solar plexus and reverse hammer to the groin.

4. Left upward block, hand over back of neck pulling head into right.

5. Inside block, reverse hammer to the ribs and double shuto to the collarbone.

6. Left outside block and lock arm break with palm heel to chin.

7. Step to left with right knife hand strike to elbow and stamp kick.

8. Step to left with outside block grabbing and exposing arm for right thrust to ribs.

9. Step in with left foot and simultaneous inside right knife block and spear hand thrust to adams apple , reverse hands with cross shuto to the neck.

10. Chicken wrist block with palm heel to chest plate.

11. Step back on left foot with right upward block with left thrust to ribs and simultaneous left scoop and push to chest.

12. Inside double shuto arm block and right spear hand poke to adams apple.

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