Kempo Techniques: Group One


This set was sent to me by Carl Heinzl, who studied at some MSDC schools in New Hampshire: 


R== Right, L == Left, F=Foot, H=Hand. F also == Forward 

(e.g. LFF == Left Foot Forward) 


A) LFF, #2, R Punch Face, R Punch Solar Plexus, R Punch groin. 

B) RFB, #2, R Kick, R Palm Heel 

C) LFF, #1, LH thrust, RH Palm Tiger Claw (Salem has it as a palm heel) 

D) LFF, #1, RH hammer to ribs, LH Palm heel to face, RH thrust 

E) RFF, #3, RH back 2 knuckes (b2k), reverse hammer to groin 

F) LFF, #2, open handed, LH around head, R elbow, R Knee, R downward 


G) LFF, #4, Spin CW, R elbow, crane’s beak (low) (Salem has a grab/rip), 

hock the leg w/tigers mouth to neck 

H) LFF, #4, Spin CW, R elbow, spin more, L palm heel to head, R instep 

kick to between their legs (from the back) 

I) Trap punch (hard to describe, basically if the left arm was held out 

in front of you with the hand coming across pointing to your right palm 

down and your right arm was below your left arm, palm up – catch the 

punch, at the same time Left Foot Ball Kick. LH grabs their hair, step back with the LF, pull them down, execute RH chop to neck as they’re falling. 

J) RFF, #2 w/ R Punch, LH palm to face, RH chop to collar 

(natalie has a thrust instead of front 2 knuckle and also finishes it 

up with a left arm lock and right chop to neck). 

K) RF steps into cross stance, RH #1 Open hand block. Step out to side 

with LF, LH palm heel to kidney, RH palm heel to ribs, LH strikes head, LF 

hocks their leg from behind (while LH assists), spin CW, RF downward kick 

(Salem doesn’t have this last kick). 

L) LFF, LH cross palm block, RH Ridge hand to face. Turn 90 degree CW, 

pull back right arm (using a ridge hand), LH shuto outward – arm 

break. Same takedown as K. Natalie had a thrust punch with the