Side Headlock Escapes


1.) Side headlock release: The trick to making the chin release more effective is to make sure you cause severe distress above the upper lip and under nose. The under nose pressure is almost paralizing. The chin grab , by itself can be slipped. The nerve bundle pressure almost freezes the opponent allowing the spine to lock and the takedown to be easier and frankly more violent straight into the ground with the back of the head. Alternative: With the other hand grabbing the belt at the spine, bending the opponant backward, it makes an effective come along as well. This one is from Rob Johnson of Bolton Martial Arts Club

2.) Side Head Lock #1 (snake bite): Take the same arm from the same side that your attacker is holding you on. Reach behind and pinch the attackers thigh. (Courtesy of Michael Litton)

3.)  Side head lock – Hammer to groin and the same time as hammer to kidneys; take the back hand and put it under chin and stand up as you stand; knife hand to chest; (Courtesy of Bob Fritz)

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