Miscellaneous Grab Techniques

Choke, Grab, and Hold Techniques

1) Behind Bear hug – Drop weight; push bum out; chicken wrist to loosen grip; grab right arm with your left hand; right elbow 3 times; get on left knee and flip person; (Courtesy of Bob Fritz)

2.) Bear Hug from Behind – Take a big breath – expanding the chest, drop into a horse stance, raising arms in front of you at the same time. Right arm rear elbow to solar plexus (you will have to turn your body), right arm reverse hammer to the groin (either step out with left leg before, or after this strike, whichever works). Back kick to groin. Step away. (Courtesy of Michael Litton)

3.) Grab from Behind (arms loose) – drop weight; push bum out; hammer elbow left; hammer elbow right; slide to right; go through your open legs and grab persons foot and they will end up on their back; (Courtesy of Bob Fritz)

4) Full Nelson – Put back of hands in forehead and straighten your head; drop weight suddenly with elbows out; elbow left, elbow right; step out of it as you knife hand right; turn to person and knee them in head and downward elbow on back; (Courtesy of Bob Fritz)

5.) Bear Hug – Facing Arms Pinned (crazy penguin) #1 Crazy Penguin (Hansuki Strikes to the kidneys) #2 Both hands poison thumb to the front pelvis joint to move the opponent’s hips back. Hansuki with both hands to the ribs to get the opponent to loosen their grip a little. Grab around the opponent’s side with both hands. Rising / roundhouse knee to the groin three or four times. Push opponent away. (Courtesy of Michael Litton)

6.) Hair Grab –  Reach up with left hand and clamp hand to your head. Hinge back into a horse stance. Upward palm to the elbow, breaking it. Right Side Blade kick to the knee. Run away. (Courtesy of Michael Litton)

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