Front Choke Defenses

Front Choke Defenses 

1) Stomp or kick to low extremity. Drop crossed arms on opponent’s arms, crossed knife hands to throat. Follow with double tiger rakes to face, and double immortal man strikes to the eyes.

2) Double #3 and #4 blocks to opponent’s elbows, outward knifehands to knock opponent’s hands away, and double knifehands to sides of neck. Grab head and knee to nose.

3) Grab opponent’s right hand with your left, and step in with the right foot executing a right thrust punch to the solar plexus. Right palm heel under the chin. Push the head back and down to the floor. Stomp on throat.

4) Grab opponent’s right hand with your left. Right roundhouse elbow to the jaw, right reverse elbow to chin, left palm heel to face.

5) Front Choke #1 – Pine Tree: Clap Hands together to form a wedge. Drive Wedge up and towards opponent. Try and keep your elbows inside opponent’s shoulders. (courtesy of Michael Litton).