Ten Point Blocking System with Strikes


This was sent in courtesy of Stephen Bonk and edited lightly for clarity / formatting by Matt. In case of any questions, see his original post at martialtalk for comparison in case I goofed up in editing. For full details, see also the standard ten point. 


The beginning is the same as the regular ten point. Your hands go down ( knifehand 7&8 ) then circle up as ridgehands. At that point you deliver left and right driving shutos to the attacker’s collar bone. You then drop your hands down about half way and circle around and deliver left and right spear hand pokes to the sides of the attacker’s neck. Your hands then drop and circle as they come up again with blocks 1 and 2 with leopard paws facing away from you. You then deliver a left and a right shuto to the sides of the attacker’s neck simultaneously. Your hands then drop left and right willow’s palms to the attacker’s chest area. Your hands then drop down and cross again. 


Your hands go to a cup and saucer on your right side, and then deliver the tiger press ( same as normal 10 point here ) to your left, then repeat on the other side ( as you would do in the standard 10 point ). Your hands come up and cross again, then bring them up (as you would do normally), then reach out and grab the attackers collar bone area ( both hands ). Pull the attacker into a head butt targeting the attacker’s nose. Finish the 10 point as you would the standard version with a supported 1 block, circle and press and repeating on the other side with a 2 block circle and press.