Plum Tree Blocking System


This is a softer blocking system, containing mainly parries done in a ‘flowing’ style. It is usually taught at or near black belt levels. In many cases, the opening salutation is the same as the ‘two man set’. There is much debate as to where this set came from, but some assert that the Plum tree appears to be an expansion of a kung fu blocking set called ‘Plum flower palm blocking’ from a Kung Fu book, Alan Lee’s Kung fu WushuPlum Tree BlockingThe SKK version is as follows. I apologize in advance, as it is a lot easier to do the set then describe it properly in writing. Feel free to send me corrections / variations.
  Front position. Bow. Right foot crosses behind left to twist stance, all weight stays on left foot, fist and palm press together forward slightly. Right foot steps out to horse stance, knuckle roll. Right rolling knifehand up, right palm down, right outward ridgehand block, right inward palm, right ‘dragon block’ where you essentially do an outward knifehand and the hand relaxes letting the middle, ring and pinky fingers drape over the opponent’s forearm and pull in. Repeat first sequence left side. In a flowing, circular manner perform right-left-right-left inward palm blocks. Perform right then left inward, upward tiger mouth (essentially form a ‘c’ with your thumb and fingers) blocks (palm out) and then right then left upward, inward inverted tiger mouth (palm in) blocks. Next perform right-left-right-left downward, outward (like blocks #7 and #8) knifehand blocks in a flowing, circular manner. Next perform right-left-right-left upward, outward (like blocks #1 and #2) ridgehand blocks in a flowing, circular manner. Next perform four pairs of simultaneous left and right ‘monkey blocks’ (like the block in combination one) where you reach out as if you were doing a spear poke straight ahead, and then scoop and draw to the outside with your hands as you pull in. Next perform right-left-right-left downward, inward palm blocks (at a 45 degree angle down). Next perform an upward , outward knifehand block with your left hand. At the end of the block, circle the hand around as if rolling to the outside of the striking arm, and perform a right knifehand to meet your palm. Repeat the sequence starting with the right hand. Left then right high shearing block, so the hands meet forming a triangle to the front. Knuckle roll. Right foot comes to left as you return to front position. Left foot crosses behind right to twist stance, all weight stays on right foot, fist and palm press together forward slightly. Return to front position, Bow.