Other Techniques

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Blocking Systems

Shaolin Kempo (and its variants) contains a large variety of Blocking Systems. The early ones cover the basic ‘Karate’ hard style blocks, and progress through open hand blocks, softer blocks, and finally parries and traps. Not all of the blocks are in all of the ‘flavors’ with some being specific to the Villari side and others to the USSD side, and so on.


Shaolin Kempo teaches a collection of simple grab techniques following a basic progression. The techniques can typically be broken up into a four part sequence: The distraction, the release, the damage and the finish. The distraction is a simple strike to ‘give the grabber something else to think about other than grabbing you.’ The release is the actual removal of the grab. The damage is the collateral striking done once free, and the finish could be a reversal, a takedown, or a powerful finish strike set up by the damage. Defenses were taught against common attacks (and initially some that were maybe not common, but easy to get out of as give the students a principle and a taste of success) such as the lapel grab, the double wrist grab, the front choke, rear choke and the side headlock. Shaolin Kempo typically emphasizes standing grappling over ground work.

Kempo Techniques

If Shaolin Kempo were Jeopardy!, this would be the ‘potpourri’ category. Kempos or ‘Kempo Punch Techniques’ are the punch techniques that aren’t combinations. Some schools separate out animal techniques, some don’t.


Although the school at which I teach has moved to a more conceptual ‘Filipino’ based weapon defense system, before then we taught what would be considered typical ‘Shaolin Kempo’ weapon techniques. For clubs, attacks were based on predominantly single strike overhead and side clubs with a few variations, and for knife defenses, slashing and straight thrust knife techniques. Placement knife techniques were also addressed.