This has been a community project, and many people have offered and provided help and support, submissions and feedback. The archive would not be what it is today without these people, and I am grateful.

Special thanks to those who have contributed so far:

Master Jesse Dwire IV of Dragon-Phoenix Martial Arts –

Mr. Robert Fritz of Dragon-Phoenix Martial Arts

Marlon Wilson of Shaolin Kempo Training Center –

Ben Gawiser of Loudoun Kempo –

William French – aka (courtesy of fnorfurfoot) –

David Carnley of Steiner’s Academy of Martial Arts –

Dominic Bilodeau

Michelle Fanara

Hai Phan

James Reilly

Stephen Bonk (‘Kosho’) from the Shaolin Kempo Training Center in Orange, MA –

Jim Brassard from Self Defense Centers in Hyannis, MA –

Chris Muehlebach

Bryan Bagnas of Golden Leopard Kempo-

Ken Warner of Evolution Karate –

Carl Heinzl

Thomas Livingston of White Tiger Dojo –

Andy Henson of Lynchburg Kempo: Jamerson YMCA Martial Arts –

Michael Hamm of Ten Tigers Martial Arts –