Shaolin Kempo Technique Archive


A few years ago I started a Shaolin Kempo Technique Archive, and with much help from the community it’s been a great success. There was some resistance at first, but the vast majority of feedback has been positive.  


Why put this out there and give it away for free?


Well, for starters, I hate the ‘secret club’ method of training. You can’t see / know what’s ahead until you’ve tested (and often paid a fee). I think it would be healthier to take a ‘top down’ look at the whole art, and make a judgement. 

 test fee note


But some guy is going to use this and set himself up as a Master fraudulently!!!


Folks have been doing this for years without this information, so at least they will be more accurate frauds. I mean, so far all it seems to require is a green belt and the ability to set up a school in the middle of nowhere. For best result, get some mail order rank, and as a bonus, find some old MA senior and get him to give you a 7th Dan 10th Dan.Now the students will be able to know what to expect, so the frauds will have to work harder instead of making stuff up.With this in circulation folks can be judged on their ability to do the material instead of whether or not they know combination #100.

This is going to ruin the art!


It doesn’t seem to have ruined shotokan. Their syllabus has been publicly available for ages. This page is a starting point. I’ve grouped techniqes in tens for combinations. As for ‘kempos’, there is much more variation, and what may be a ‘brown belt’ kempo in one school might be a ‘yellow belt’ in another, and some may appear at one school and not another. Therefore, I will group those by source. There’s a list of what we have and what we need here.