Review of Extreme Impact download 1 by Iain Abernethy

As you know, I’ve been exploring quite a bit of Iain Abernethy’s Applied Karate, but he’s also got a series of videos called Extreme Impact. It’s designed to be short, to the point, and high intensity.

I downloaded one of them on a whim, and at first I was pleased at the price, about $15.00 US. When I finished downloading, I was somewhat disappointed at the short run time (20 minutes) especially since there’s a minute or two of credits. Although they said the video was lower quality than DVD, I found it quite acceptable, and the ability to put it on my iPod was a huge plus. Upon watching, I felt better about my purchase, as there was no fluff, and about a dozen new drills I could use to work on my jab. I did find his mechanics of the jab a little disconcerting since he drops his hand in a pretty clear preparatory motion, but his results certainly speak for themselves. Am I completely thrilled? Perhaps not, but really it seems a good value. I am a cheapskate after all. I’ll update this page when I get more time working on these drill ‘in the lab’.

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