I thought I’d start a review section, and recommend some of the books, videos and seminars (or anything else) that I’ve enjoyed over the years. I’m going to start pulling books off my shelves and reviewing them on a regular basis. Here’s the basic ground rules:  

  • I paid for these – no free rides. 
  • I actually read them, watched them, attended them – that’s why I bought them. 
  • I will give a fair and honest review. I might think it’s the best thing since sliced bread, I might not, but you’ll know how I feel about the book / seminar / whatever. 
  • If it is a book, video or other product, the reviews will have a link to in case you want to get one for yourself. Going to Amazon through the link (or even just the link in the header) will support the site. 
  • If you would like me to review anything in particular, ask!


3 Responses to Reviews

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  2. andyk says:

    I can recommend “American Shaolin” by Matt Polly and “The Art of Learning” by Josh Waitzkin. If you have them, your reviews might bring them to the attention of more readers.


  3. matt says:

    Just ordered both from Amazon today – I’ll get reviews up as soon as I can.

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