Invincible wall is updated.

Invincible Wall has also been updated with a writeup to complement the videos.

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After a long time, new additions to the archive!

I’ve received a stash of write-ups for the upper belt forms that have only been represented with videos. Thanks to a donor who is just fine remaining anonymous, several black belt forms will be updated, starting with swift tigers.

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Fun with our material

I have the great honour of having Shihan Ingargiola and the “bad luck” of having him live 7 hours away. Family life, and finances do not allow me the opportunity to travel more than 4-6 times a year to train directly with him, even though we are in contact at least once a week. Well, at least it is not Hawaii!

So, in order to own my responsibility as a teacher of Shaolin Kempo, I have had to dig deeper into my material. And here is some fun I have had with pinan 1, there is so much to learn from the forms and techniques:

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