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So my friend Matt thinks someone other than my students who have no choice would be interested in some of my thoughts and views concerning shaolin kempo…

To begin I will let you know something of myself:  When I found my first Shaolin Kempo (sk) dojo I had earned a brown belt in judo, a yellow in kyokushin and an orange in shotokan.  I fell in love with sk.  It was a Villari school when I joined but before my first test in 1990 it had become MSDC.  I had a great teacher who demanded perfection of her students constantly correcting the angle of the wrist, the position of the elbow…I appreciate her early instruction even more now.  I have a great respect for this system that GM Villari created / put together, and it comes from years of shame due to the Villari bashing i have heard almost from the start, the lack of respect given the system stemming from his self promotion and a great deal of low standard in instruction and practice out there.  I loved it and yet being an academic minded person I needed to know why the system sucked.  In the end I found that the system is well developed and powerful in theory and practice and not very well elucidated in most circles.  But it is crafted quite well, and the concepts to make it extremely effective are all there.  So, I changed the way I studied, practiced, and taught sk.  Then I met Shihan Ingargiola, a rare sk master who is open and excited about teaching sk, and really understands the system in depth.  Now sk has exploded for me and my belief in it has been confirmed …’cause all that I thought could have been crap was in my imagination!  Ok so enough blah blah.

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  1. Marlon says:

    My latest thoughts are around how many concepts are taught through one kata:

    low / high fighting ; kick as you would walk; transfer your weight when you step down heel to toe with the strike landing as the toes settle and the front knee bends to drop the wieght into the strike; pull (or push) while sweeping; protect your head while you turn; drop your wieght when recieving a blow that travels horizontally;offensive-defensive pivoting on your axis / cat stance; using multple strikes to keep an opponent from rooting ; hiding while you strike; trapping. these are the things that will teach us the how of making all our techniques work and brings the why they work more to light. To teach this form i must be conscious that i am teaching the person how to fight with sk and not just some new movements otherwise i am stealing thier money, no?

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  3. matt says:

    Just search for Marlon – you’ll find a good article.

  4. Todd says:

    Hey Marlon, where are you ? I haven’t seen you on here for awhile. How are you ? Todd – Boston, Mass, USA.

  5. Marlon says:

    Hi Todd,
    I’ve been distracted with life stuff of late. Once I find the login info Matt sent me I will start boring you guys again?
    Be well

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