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A block is a strike and a strike is a block and also…

The numbered combinations teach us how to do good Shaolin Kempo, only if we practice them with precision, presence, power, control, understanding, correct rhythm, timing and drill them for self defense. I had the fun of writing out all the … Continue reading

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Alternate version of 31

Shaolinmonkmark sent in an alternate version of Combination 31 (DM31 in his neck of the woods) and it didn’t make it into the site (fell off my ‘to-do’ radar). It’s from the West Coast / Cerio lineage.  He happened to … Continue reading

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Getting Around

Where I am after I ‘block’ not only depends on my footwork but also my attackers reaction to my response.  So much of our kempo involves us getting to the side of an attacker or behind them , so the … Continue reading

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