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Combination #3 is a true master key to unlock the effectiveness of Shaolin Kempo

My teacher has many great concise ways to explain concepts and theories of shaolin kempo. One phase he uses is “Stun, Balance, Control”, to explain the basics of shaolin kempo core theory. The Villari SKK poster explains it as integrating … Continue reading

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A block is a strike and a strike is a block and also…

The numbered combinations teach us how to do good Shaolin Kempo, only if we practice them with precision, presence, power, control, understanding, correct rhythm, timing and drill them for self defense. I had the fun of writing out all the … Continue reading

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…and, if the Katas were gone?

Again, this is my opinion only…   It has been said that the combinations and katas of Shaolin Kempo are the backbone of the system( please note that shaolin kempo uses “kata’s” as a name of specific forms, unlike other … Continue reading

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