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…and, if the Katas were gone?

Again, this is my opinion only…   It has been said that the combinations and katas of Shaolin Kempo are the backbone of the system( please note that shaolin kempo uses “kata’s” as a name of specific forms, unlike other … Continue reading

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Shaolin Kempo Katas – some of my thoughts

I have long been interested in what makes Shaolin Kempo work. Naturally, practice was a large part of the answer, so I practiced at every opportunity. I asked questions of my early teachers and this led to better technique time … Continue reading

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Shaun mentioned that it would be good to discuss bunkai and I agree.  I have my own take on application…but that is for later. It makes sense to start at the beginning, however, Matt has mentioned the kyusho in 3 … Continue reading

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