These are articles I have written. I’m going to use this forum to express my kempo views. If you don’t like them, fine. If you have the undeniable urge to tell me how wrong I am, pull together some real documentation to prove it. If you send me email, just be advised, it may end up on the site, posted for all to see. If you have an article on kempo that you want posted, send it, and if it’s well written and I don’t think it’s full of bologna, I’ll post it. 



Click this link for A Brief History of Karate – It’s an extract of a paper I did for a ‘Historical and Philosophical Foundations of Sport and Physical Education’ class. 


Click this link for my opinion on James Mitose – Just a little scrutiny for ‘The Man’. 


Click this link for A Brief History Kenpo / Kempo – It’s a timeline of some events, mainly relevant to Shaolin Kempo. It’s due for a revision. 


Click this link for an article on how to snap and flow into your movements through slow training 


I was asked a good question on the forum ‘MartialArts Planet’ about the relationship of Shaolin Kempo to the Kempo Jutsu of Professor Feliciano ‘Kimo’ Ferreira, as I’ve been studying with Professor Kimo since late 2001. The person asking was John Bishop, Kajukenbo Professor, and author of the recent book Kajukenbo the Original Mixed Martial Art. After typing the answer, I thought, hey, this might make a good article for the web site.