The Point

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About This Page: What’s my point?

I have been studying kempo for over 25 years now. In that time I have had great difficulty pinning down the history of the art. It would seem, seeing as the modern history of kempo begins at the turn of the 19th century, to be an achievable task. Initially, I felt that the fact that many of the pioneers were still alive would make it a simple task. Now sometimes it seems that is the greatest obstacle to the truth. This site serves many purposes. I teach at a martial arts school, and am webmaster of their website, but my views are not necessarily those of the school, nor the organization to which the school belongs. This is my outlet. It serves my quest for truth, for the dissemination of kempo information, and perhaps my own vanity.

Who the heck do I think I am to pass judgement like this?

I’m just a guy that thinks truth and kempo are bigger than any particular organization and its agenda. But if you really must know, read my  bio.