Fun with our material

I have the great honour of having Shihan Ingargiola and the “bad luck” of having him live 7 hours away. Family life, and finances do not allow me the opportunity to travel more than 4-6 times a year to train directly with him, even though we are in contact at least once a week. Well, at least it is not Hawaii!

So, in order to own my responsibility as a teacher of Shaolin Kempo, I have had to dig deeper into my material. And here is some fun I have had with pinan 1, there is so much to learn from the forms and techniques:

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3 Responses to Fun with our material

  1. Mark Golden says:

    Wondering if we can add bunkai for all forms, in the forum section, starting with this video.
    The bunkai within the forms is how we all grow.

  2. Mark Golden says:

    Im wondering if we can get the forum up and running again, with all our forms in it, and their bunkai.we all grow as a martial artist this way.

  3. Mark Golden says:

    We have to also look for hidden crashes as well.a

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