Casa de Kenpo

Casa de Kenpo, a Parker Kenpo site, has posted to martialtalk some links for a variety of Parker material. This differs from the typical Shaolin Kempo stuff, but they seem to be trying to spread the material around. I haven’t linked the videos, as they provide links in the post.

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  1. Nancy says:

    Hi Matt!

    I gotta say I like the idea of “sets” for learning the basics. I use the same idea…and I put strikes in groups such as closed fist, open hand, finger, and elbow strikes. I’m finding it’s helping not only the young kids I work with but the adults also in remembering the MANY different strikes we use in kempo!! We also have a kicking set which focuses on proper balance, pivoting, execution and retraction, and proper formation. My belief is the stronger the basics are, the stronger all other aspects of the training will be and these sets are helping build better basics for my students..

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